"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gianna 3 month update

I'm sad I haven't been up to blogging much lately but I started my Motivated Mom's ( click here for my blog post about it )cleaning schedule again and I'm so exhausted by the days end. I also haven't been getting great naps and I'm staying up late so I can see my hubby at night... so, even as I write now...I'm so tired. Its been a chaotic day, but I read others blogs and I enjoy them so much and I really want to keep up!

I can't miss out on writing a bit about my little  sweetheart!

Gianna has smiles that will put you on CLOUD NINE! She just smiles and smiles and smiles... she coos and talks too. She is a tender hearted baby... one little bump and her bottom lip pops out  and her eyes fill with big fat tears. Enough to break your heart.

She still goes to bed at 8/9pm and sleeps 8 hrs straight. She likes to be swaddled and its a disaster if I've forgotten to put her swaddle blanket into the dryer! It happened once and blowing it with the blow dryer for an emergency dry will never happen again.

When she is not smiling she is usually fussing and wants to be held constantly. She spits up quite a bit and her Dr. thinks she has some reflux... we aren't sure. I love dressing my little doll and it does remind me of when I was a little girl dressing my dolls. How I have longed for this day to have my own babies! Here it is! What a lot of work and what a lot of JOY!

She is a whopping 15lbs at 3 months at she is a picture of chubby health! No, my babys do not starve! I'm at my lowest weight that I can remember in like 10 years, so I'm pretty sure she is sucking the fat right out of me... too bad the preggo stomach isn't budging a whole lot I was hoping to avoid sit ups all together. Bummer.

She loves being carried in the baby bjorn and I enjoy watching her sleep in it. Her eyes seem bigger than Augustine's did and they are darker blue/grey ish. She has a lovely soft mop of brown hair and a perfectly delightful little form. She is drooling a lot and I think she is starting to teeth... seems early but I don't know what else to say the journey of teething must begin somewhere!

And now as my eyes droop closed... I bid goodnight!

More pictures to come!