"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Nigh Nigh Song"

So if Augustine doesn't want me to sing "Hakunama Tata" or "Oh, I just can't wait to be king" as his going to sleep song his next best/preferred is one of my made up nigh nigh songs. It usually consists of a familiar tune (but not always) and his favorite character's names. If I don't mention a character in a while, or not at all, he sweetly reminds me, "elmo?"..."Tiggee?"... etc... I even made a point to mention to Jeremy that "ack?" means Oscar and/or The Count so he can know to include them in his night-time songs to our "street" fiend.

So, tonight, he, for the first time ever, requested a person (rather than character or dada)... who did he request?


Awe, he does still seem to have a special affinity for Grandpa... despite being miles apart. I enjoy our night time snuggles and songs as much as he does... although when he starts asking for a "Book? Two?" I know I've lingered too long... ahhhh.

Monday, January 23, 2012

6 1/2 Month Baby Bump

Ok, so this is not going to be a long post... but I am a fan of "baby bumps" and I have been enjoying mine lately... However, I find it incredibly awkward to ask (even my husband) to take a picture of me. I don't know why... it feels... vain? Awkward? So please excuse the dramatic pose. I thought it better to look down than arching my head to see my phone. I mostly post this for my own sake and records because this blog has a nice way of organizing my life better than my scattered pictures. I always meant to take a pic every month and document it... but hence the awkward, who takes the picture thing it has never happened. I am going to try to add a picture each month (and/or half month) just for fun.

The thing with baby bumps is that its the one time in life when a woman's belly hanging out is, dare I say... CUTE! It also makes my wardrobe... dare I say, new? Exciting!? I still have clothes I wore in high school, that fit, so when my body changes its kind of fun (for the time) to ignore the scale and watch that bump grow!

My one hang up... that bothers me really is... I wonder if people question my professionalism when I am pregnant. When it comes to work do people think less of me when I am pregnant? Particularly when its a role of leadership? I'm not saying I feel less capable and I know most mothers are the BEST leaders... I don't know... For example, I taught Ballroom Dance at a large event in St. Paul a couple weeks ago and tried to look the least pregnant I possibly could. Am I weird in thinking people may think me "weak" or less capable when pregnant? In fact, I am truly more capable. I can grow a baby while teaching dance! Ha! - Take that MULTI-TASKING!

I guess its that conflict of heavenly purpose colliding with the worlds view of real value. I'll take the heavenly purpose, God willing!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prayer Works!

I don't know why I always forget that! I am so thankful that God keeps giving me chances when I don't deserve it.

In the past couple months God has answered my prayers in WHAM, *nudge*, "Just ask, try me, I can do little stuff too!"

Here are a few example:

WHAM - Praying for months for a Christmas Miracle of a $10,000 donation for Epiphany/Open Window. I kept praying in total faith while battling doubts. I called someone back about tickets for our Christmas show and WHAM! This person (who wants to remain anonymous) said, God has blessed us we want to bless you! $10,000.00 - WHAM!! I almost could have passed out and I know I cried. It was like I actually saw God handing me $10,000.00... AMAZING! Did I mention prayer works??

*nudge* - It's when God elbowed me one night as I said my prayers with Augustine the night of the huge donation after I spoke the familiar words I had started to say, "God bless our finances." I cried again remembering God's faithful answer to our prayers. Augustine whispered his sweet, "Amen" as I wiped away  a tear. Out of the mouths of babes! "Where two or more are gathered in My name, there am I in their midst."

"Just ask, try me, I can do little stuff too!" - God says this to me a lot, but here is my most recent answer. I was in adoration and I knew I should pray that my MIL could get better sleep. She was taking Augustine for the night so I could work at the theatre and she had a cold and has a lot of pain that keeps her from sleeping. I don't know why I didn't take her sleep to prayer immediately but I just felt like it was something she suffers with and was not feeling hopeful... Silly, I know, but I felt God nudging me... like "try Me." So, I did. The next day I asked her how she slept... she said, "Actually I slept the best I have in a while!" Why did I feel surprised?  Oh, I have so little faith. Did I mention PRAYER WORKS!

Needless to say, I've been taking my prayers more seriously lately. I still have been praying that God bless our finances with Augustine each night and he says "amen". Lo and behold, we were able to switch Jeremy to my health insurance saving us $300 dollars per month!!!! Then Jeremy told me we haven't been using the deductions we should be as a married couple with kids and we will now be paying in $400 LESS in taxes EACH month!! I don't need a calculator to tell me that is an extra $700 per month we are saving!!! This savings allows us to talk more seriously about me stepping back from work and focusing more on my true passion - being a mother! I will always be helping with our theatre work but, as I'm able. Allowing for more help to Jeremy with some new help... as God provides! :-)

Anyway... I share this all because... Prayer works and we need reminders! Thank you God, for your reminders and awesome blessings!

Evening Hours...

I am coming off of a couple of pretty incredible weeks with my little family. Jeremy had less pressing work than normal (theoretically) and so we have been able to spend some really great family time together. A great start to the new year since my New Year's prayers have been to focus life on: Family, Prayer, and Organization/Cleanliness. I have been going to adoration once per week and we've been going to mass as a family on Fridays and Sundays. So far GREAT! My cleaning schedule and attempts at organization have also been going pretty well actually. We decided on some new organization techniques for the family including a new "hide-a desk" for me in the living room instead of my use of our "bar table and chairs" which gets cluttered. I am also making great progress on getting Augustine's room ready. I've been going back and forth over room designs this was my top design for the small room...

 but finally decided on one that will go better with the beautiful quilt my "adopted grandmother" made for us.

I'll post pictures of my final product soon as I bargain for a bed, dresser, and so forth on Craig's List! Isn't it cute though? I'm actually probably just doing the blue color with accent colors... and less feminine -- you will see! I have the paint and tools and room ready so, now for some coffee and a late night and that room will be well on its way!

So, that's my New Years update but now I need some ideas...

Most wives look forward to that 4pm/5pm when their husbands come home and wrestle with the kiddos and make the day complete. Well, that's when Jeremy heads out to the Theatre after a full day of work. Ug. That 4pm-8pm is so boring and tedious. Augustine usually hits his - "I'm bored entertain me mode" after trying to play all day. Right then is when I hit my, "I'm bored, (and tired) entertain me mode" after working, cleaning, entertaining, cooking, throughout the day. However, nothing is going on during those hours that we can go do... nor do I have the energy to go do them. I need ideas. Is that the time of day when I should drink coffee and DO SOMETHING productive or fun with Augustine? If so... what? What should I do? I am on a mission. I'm really looking forward to the newness and busyness having Gianna will add to these long evening hours. (As odd as that may sound. I just feel like boredom is a huge enemy and forced busyness - baby- toddler- helps get me out of that slump a bit.) I just feel like Augustine is not quite old enough for "projects" yet and he often is extra whinny during that time.

I'm no super woman, nor do I pretend to be. I know this is a weak and wasted part of my day and I really need to change that around. I also would LOVE any suggestions people may have.

Until next time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"TA-Ta, Ta-Ta, Tatatatatatta" - Augustine

"Where is Tata? They're over there, Augustine, in the kitchen... Ta Ta is on the floor." -Me

"Ta Ta???" - Augustine pleads at CD player

"Sorry honey Ta Ta is in the car." - Me

"Ta ta! Ta ta!!" - Augustine

"You want me to read you that book? Ok, sit down..." -Me

"ta ta" (whispered at bedtime) -Augustine

"Ta Ta? You want me to sing ta ta?" (smile, sigh, ok.) -Me

"No, Kiiiiiinnngg!" - Augustine

Ok, so have you guessed my sons obsession? Have you figured out if "ta ta" is a thing, person, place, animal??? Do you know what keeps my son playing throughout the day when all other toys bore him?

Is "Hakunama" a good hint? "It means no worries, for the rest of your daaays!!!...."

Augustine has a passion for Lion King! He can sing parts of the songs. He can say "Pumba, Timon, Simba, Nana (Nala), and sCar." He has the book. He has the "action figures" (THANK YOU MOM and DAD!). He has the soundtrack, well, I did, but I think its his now. His bedtime song request is "Ta Ta" or "King" his favorite songs. Its pretty adorable.

While Ta Ta is probably his main obsession right now he also LOVES:

Winnie the "Pooh" ("Tiggee" "Eeyo" "Piggie")
Seasame "Steeet" ("Elmo" "Cookie"-Monster)
Animals ("Chickie"-Chicken "Cat"-Spoken in a British Dialect "Poppy"/"Doggy")

Augustine is a smart little cookie that loves to talk and sing and kiss babies whenever he gets the chance. He says so many words I can't even count and he even is saying more and more sentences. He will pretty much be able to repeat most everything we say to him... scary, right?! I said "shoot" in frustration the other day and he repeated it. My vocab is pretty darn G-Rated, but I don't want my almost two year old saying, "Shoot!"


Our hearts grow with such intense love for our dear little boy and we are so glad we get to spend so much time with him! Thank you God!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Official Stanbary Christmas in MN!

Until this year I had not spent a single Christmas in MN. I always went home to WI to be with my family and celebrate "our traditions". This year, it was finally time to try and begin our own family Christmas Traditions here in MN.

We spent a couple hours on Christmas eve day doing some last minute shopping. It was not so fun. Then we went to spend some time with Jeremy's family and eat some cheesy broccoli soup, taco, dip, meat balls, and treats! Yumm! We exchanged gifts with each other and enjoyed getting Risa's creative and fun stockings with goodies inside.

Then Jeremy, Augustine, and I headed to Holy Spirit church in St. Paul (our home parish) for their vigil Christmas mass. It was lovely and Augustine did pretty well - we even got seats!

Although we weren't to hungry we decided to stick to our plan and go out to eat. Something that is a rare and special treat for us. Bucca de Beppos is right down the road from us and we've wanted to try it for some time so we decided to go there. It had a very holiday feel to it and is a really fun Catholic Italian restaurant - there is even a round "Pope Table" featuring our current pope.

Augustine kept busy sucking ice chips off the table (gross right?) while we waited for food. We had a delicious meal of caprese salad and pesto pizza and had our order of pasta to go. We were excited to get Augustine ready for bed and our huge screen movie playing. Augustine was in a great mood and helped Daddy set up the big screen movie!

Christmas Eve was different this year but also very good! We feel we are on a great path to creating our own Christmas traditions!

Christmas morning was Toaster Strudel, gift opening, and a great mix of Christmas music (thanks Dad!)!

Then we had a delicious and yummy brunch with more opening of gifts and playing with new toys.

Around 1:00pm we headed on a loooong, but sunny, 5 hr drive to WI to continue the celebrations with my side of the family!

I felt like my advent preparations helped me to really focus on the true meaning of Christmas and let go of my desires for my usual WI Christmas, and it really was a very fun and enjoyable time to share with my little family.

Merry Christmas everyone!!