"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Week A Birthing Experience

Jeremy drew this picture of the new born baby Jesus.
It is one of my favorites.
Can you see the symbols in the picture? 
The hay in the formation of the cross and markings on His small hands and feet, a
 sign pointing towards His suffering and death on the cross

So each Holy Week we travel to be with my family in Wisconsin and to pick up Jeremy's son Aidan in Chicago. Holy Week is my favorite week of the year and it has been for years. Its as if there is something different in the air during that time and I love going to all the Holy Week masses.

This year was especially meaningful for me as I vividly remembered last years Holy Week of preparation for baby Augustine.

Last year my more painful contractions started at Holy Thursday mass and Jeremy and I stayed up all night in waiting with Christ. I awaited the painful yet exciting thoughts of what was to come with the labor and delivery as Jeremy supported me and washed my feet (as is our tradition on Holy Thursday). I could not have had a more perfect time to reflect on Christ as I did those next long hours. I think my experience that Holy Thursday was much like the feelings Christ would have had, except on a MUCH smaller scale. Then Good Friday came... I remembered the continued pain and suffering waiting and waiting for my relief. For the trial to end and the joy and hope of new life to begin. On Good Friday last year when I felt the pain of the long tedious labor could no longer be endured I asked for an epidural. I recall that moment like it was yesterday warm relief calming my body. I laid back and was able to rest looking at the clock as a reference point rather than my torture tool. As the pain diminished from my body the clock struck 3:00pm. The hour of mercy. The hour when my Lord was relieved of His sufferings, so was I. The whole experience was completely of God's design. The journey was not over, but the pain was. How awesome for God to have given me this perfect timing in remembrance of Him. So, this year, although much less dramatic, was still an extremely meaningful time for me as I reflected on last year. What a great gift I have been given. I will never forget that experience and how the suffering and pain brought to me the most wonderful life changing day of my entire life.

Praised be to the Risen Lord and King!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Augustine Joseph Paul turns 1 year old!

What a blessed year this has been for my little family. Augustine has been the most wonderful gift Jeremy and I could ever be given. His joyful spirit lifts us up out of even the most depressing days and his hugs, cuddles and giggles make up for those sleepless nights.

And now this month Augustine turned ONE YEAR OLD!

"huh...?? One year??"

"Awe shucks."

"Uh, man I'm getting old."

Yes, it's true my baby has turned one and we celebrated
the day with some yummy cake and the Preissner Family. Here are some memories from the day...

"Happy Birthday to you..."

First taste of sweets - EVER!
He was not so sure about the cake...

Me and my little rolly polly polly in a post cake and bath picture!

I pray for you everyday Augustine.
I pray that you will grow up to be a great strong man of God.
I love you with all of my heart
until I am left bursting with love and joy for you.
You are such a "good boy", as we so often say,
and a pure drop of heaven in our lives.
So handsome with your winning smile and dimples
and golden locks of shiny blond hair.
You love to dance to music and you squeal with glee
when we play with you or read you books.
You take after your Daddy in good looks and detail.
You pay careful attention to detail and carefully point
and trace with your little pointer finger.
I love you so much Augustine and to think God loves you even more!
Happy Birthday!
April 2nd, 2010

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running Update

First of all I have to give a huge thank you to Sprinting Sarah my running partner, without her I would not have made it this far!

Our lucky leaves on our 7 mile run.

I have now run up to 7 MILES at one time and I it feels GREAT! Running is giving me the chance to not only get in great physical shape but it has also blessed me with opportunities. Opportunities to build a friendship and have hour (or more) long conversations about life and faith with Sarah a holy woman of God. Chances to see new parks, lakes and trails. Spring boards to pray and offer up some of those difficult runs. Ideas for fun family outings including the 2 mile family run Jeremy, Augustine and I took on Sunday.

 A little after running disc golf. Despite Augustine's face and thumbs down, he quite enjoyed the entire outing!
"My turn to throw?"

It has done what I had hoped and more! The discipline has caused me to be really motivated this Lent. I'm sick of saying I wish I this and I wish I did that more. I've even gotten my prayer life on track and started a once per week holy hour in adoration of my awesome Lord. I can't help but thinking... If I can focus and run 5, 6, or 7 miles why can't I stick to committing to an hour a week in adoration or cleaning the kitchen when I don't feel like it?

Now tonight... 8 miles here I come!

Sprinting Sarah

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clear As Day

...is the way Augustine has been speaking some words lately.

When people ask me, "is he talking yet?" I don't really know what to say. I mean he IS talking I just don't know baby Chinese or French. I need a translator. Sometimes he says words that sound JUST like words... but does that count?

So far he is "saying":

Putsy (pootsee) :  He said this one after my mom pointed to a "pretty" decoration. It is my personal favorite!

Jesus (Geezus) : He has said this one a couple of times when shown pictures of Jesus.

Dad (DaD) : He has said this often but rarely in refernce to 'the man'. 

e-Good : Just used today when I let him look at my computer while working. I assumed it meant 'good!' but perhaps he was saying 'egad!'

Gandma : His response to when I said, "Doesn't Grandma give you such yummmy food?"

He also says 'hi' at random as well as 'yay' and the ever 'ba ba' at books, bottle, tree, dog, and anything else he fancies whether it has a 'B' in the name or not.

There have been several others, more clever unique ones, that I can't remember. Perhaps I should keep a list and update as they come. So, as I mentioned above, I don't really know if this all counts as "talking" but it is all pretty darn cute when wrapped up in the gibberish baby talk that doesn't sound like anything English and is spoken with lots of expression and purpose.

In other exciting developments, thanks to my side of the family, he can do a couple actions for the song, "My God is so Great." Which includes waving his little pointer finger at, "There's nothing my God cannot do!" He also can clap and stomp his feet on command thanks to Raffi's music and the book "Barnyard Dance." He can climb stairs, cruise, and neatly (for a baby) feed himself spaghetti.

He has a delightful personality as well.

He is very thoughtful and easy going when it comes to most things especially when they don't involve buttons he is not allowed to push. He is ready to giggle at the silly things his mommy and daddy are willing to do to get a laugh. Being silly people and actors there is no shortage of silliness in the house.

Here is an example of Augustine's sense of humor...

What a wonderful gift we have in our adorable little bundle and how thankful I am everyday for the joy and love he brings to our lives!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini Work Vacation

Shortly after my beautiful baby boy turned one year old April 2nd, 2011.

*see future blog post on the exciting day!

Jeremy and I had to leave him for the longest we have ever left him. 4 days. Four days without my baby, I mean, my one year old. No, my baby. Always my baby.

Will I survive?

We had a 17 HOUR drive to DeSales University in PA for a performance of LOLEK. Not to mention the five hour trip we took to drop Augustine off at my parents house in WI. The drive was long but it was actually pretty fun to have that relaxing road trip feel without worrying about Augustine getting uncomfortable or fussing. I only watched cute videos of him and looked at awe worthy pictures of him.... occasionally. I only called home a few times... a day, and texted, well, a bit over my plan for this month. I really enjoyed spending some unplanned quality time with my fun, silly, and handsome husband, road tripping like the olden days.

After an over night stop in Steubenville, OH with family friends we completed our journey to DeSales by catching their 8pm on campus mass which was quite lovely. Our gracious host led us to an on campus guest house that looked like a beautiful bed and breakfast in England or Ireland that was to be ours for our stay...

...and handed us what she said were food cards that had $5,000 on them, we instantly knew that this was going to be a wonderful stay. She even said, 'go crazy' with the food cards. Starving artists say, 'yes mam!'

When this school wanted to book us a year ago I was due with Augustine and wasn't about to let my husband do a work trip on my due date. This year the booking made more sense and even though the host was not able to pay our full travel costs I just felt we needed to do this show and that God would provide for our needs. Yes the looooooong drive WAS crazy long and left us feeling loopy and half sleeping we made it safely and we quite enjoyed the rewarding perks of being here on a little mini work vacation. To top it off Augustine was doing great with my parents and building a special bond with my family and especially my dad and last night we had balmy summer evening weather.

Thank you Lord for these blessings that help restore our souls and give us peace, joy and hope.