"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, February 28, 2011

Stepping Into the Last Month of the First Year

In two days my baby will be 11 months old!!!

Here is an update in pictures...

He is weaned from nursing, sniff, sniff... and enjoys his bottle, alowing me the freedom to leave him during long rehearsals. It was just time and was a rather easy transition.

He cheered his home team to a super bowl win!!!

He has traveled to Texas, Kentucky, Arizona, South Dakota (Black Hills), Wisconsin and South Dakota

He has flown on 5 flights and is an avid traveler

He enjoys getting into everything but his toys...

His favorite things are: Books, Music and Eating

...more to come with a pic from the past... 5month picture taken in Black Hills, SD
Gosh he is CUTE!

...to be continued... as the month reveals that final step to a WHOLE YEAR old!!

eat, sleep, breathe.... Shakespeare? -Part II

Our little aspiring actor, perfecting his "character."

The past week has been exhausting and crazy busy with the premiere of THE CATHOLIC? SHAKESPEARE. I have to say I am more than relieved to be done with it. Shipping Augustine off to Grandma's all week, leaving him home, and then the stress of preparations and exhaustion of performing.

So what does happen when you eat, sleep, and breathe Shakespeare???

Eat: ...or lack of eating real food. Result, losing 7 pounds... an easy way to get off the last few pregnancy pounds.

Sleep:... or lack of sleeping due to tossing and turning over "to be or not to be." Result, getting a nasty cold which only added to the tossing and turning.

Breathe:... only one things needs be said. Lack of oxygen can make even the most sane person loopy. Hellooooo!!

As fun as the show was and is I woke up this morning thinking, I have my life back! Well, sort of... I can cook a meal without running lines... I can sit and read Augustine 50 books, or the same 5 books over and over and over, without rushing him and distracting him with some other toy he can play with... I can even think about getting together with friends again and taking Augustine out of the house for more then a quick trip to Grandma's and back. Exhale.

Thank you God for getting me through this show. I am so thankful!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

eat, sleep, breathe.... Shakespeare??

Yes, yes indeed this is what my life has seemed to be the past month. I am a huge fan of Shakespeare, even though I honestly can't understand half of what he says until I re-read the same line 20 times, and then I memorize it, which requires repeating the same line 20 times, and then I rehearse it which after yesterday's rehearsal seemed like 1,000,000,000 times. (Ok, not quite, but to be fair I said "seemed like 1,000,000,00 time"). The end result is truly absorbing Shakespeare in a special and unique way. Connecting with his complex and intricate characters. Transferring his "lingo" into my daily life. I often catch my self saying things like "tragic", "treacherous" and "Indeed." Not to mention the phrases that run through my head throughout the day such as, "And, with them, words of so sweet breath composed." Or when emptying the rancid diaper pail, "Oh me! You Juggler! You Canker Blossom! You thief of love!"

Now, as an actor, I have often contemplated the practice of what I do in my profession. Why can't I do this with the bible?? (Memorizing the bible would be easier than Shakespeare, trust me!) Or rather, why don't I do this with the bible? If only I had the time to absorb and contemplate the mass, the bible, the words of Jesus in the same dedicated way. If only I could let the words of LIFE permeate my every thought and ravish my soul! Oh, what a changed woman I would be.

As a shout out I have info below if you are interested in watching the comedy/drama we will premiering soon.


Feb. 25th, 26th, and 27th

OEC Auditorium at St. Thomas University

Check out our website Epiphany Studio Productions for tickets and more info!

"Why would you not go??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to my NEW Blog!

I have once started a blog and I didn't keep up with it... However, life has really been picking up latley (whatever that means) and I really would like to share my thoughts and journeys with all those who are interested. This blog will focus on my family and the drama at home that we live in as thespians as well as updates on our work, travel and fun! Most of all I enjoy sharing and documenting the beginnings and growth of Augustine my 10 1/2 month son and how his life (and our future children) affect the lives of my husband and I. We are striving to live lives of sacrificial love as only us weak humans can do... with the power and grace given from our Lover, Creator, Father, Friend and Lord Jesus.
                                                                   "Sunshine anyone?"