"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kicked in action!

We are back at our strange capers with THE CATHOLIC SHAKESPEARE this summer!

The turn out has been a bit low but the hilarity ensues none-the-less. At Saturday night's performance Jeremy was sweating so much (it gets hot under those lights and in full costume) that during our Taming of the Shrew fight scene my hand slipped off his head throwing me into his pathway for his tuck and roll dive. I was smacked quite hard by his leg going full force and I blacked out, on stage, for a half second! For a brief second I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. Finally realizing I was on stage, and in the middle of my line no-less, I picked up where I left off. Remembering I had gotten hit on accident, but in the context of a fight scene, I allowed myself to grab my throbbing head. Ouuchhh! My head ache was gone by the end of the scene. Jumping on Jeremy's back and yelling, "If I be waspish then best beware my sting!" must have helped ease my pain.

That scene reminds me of when I was acting in "Oliver!" years ago and got whacked by a actor who was getting a little TOO into character as "the bad guy." He felt so awful and even managed a whispered "I'm sorry!"

We actors love to talk for hours in a play-by-play nature (much like sports lovers) after the show. ...And then you did ____! And I did this that and the other!! Oh, and did you see that? What happened there?

I am still chuckling today about how Jeremy got so excited and passionate with his nerdy "Quince" character that he accidentally slapped himself in the face! That is some serious skill my friends! (I am resisting the urge to type LOL all over this post. You are welcome.)

We have more shows this weekend so don't miss the fun! E-mail me for more info! Also, I have to make this pitch... BISHOP PICHE' is coming to the show on FRIDAY we will have a very holy celebrity in the house and we hope the place is packed for a great show.

See you at the Theatre!
Sarah aka Nikki Bottom

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family visits!

Amidst our busy schedule we've had the joy of hosting our families here at the Stanbary house!

4th of July weekend my family came up to visit here is our fun trip in snapshots:

We checked out the Hmong and Thia Market...It was Dad's idea and was pretty interesting.

 I kind of felt like I had stepped into a different county it was pretty surreal actually.
Ah the treasures of the Twin Cities!
 Here are my parents, looking as cute as ever, trying "Bubble Tea" for the first time.

....we had yummy eats outdoors in the heat here is Augustine after a wipe down from his messy dinner.
Love the hair!

Then we celebrated Augustine's baptism with his Godmother "Aunt Lisa". It's a Preissner family tradition to celebrate Baptism anniversaries and I'm bringing the tradition into our new family. "Happy Baptism to you! Happy Baptism to you!"

She got him a beginners Bible and he LOVES it!

Then there was the Grandma Horseeeee ride - what a lucky boy!
More food... with one of my favorites corn on the grill!

We (those who were brave enough) climbed on top of our high flat roof to watch the St. Paul fireworks and to set off "floating lanterns" (Tangled anyone??). It was BEAUTIFUL and worked perfectly! Thanks honey for finding them and setting up such a lovely evening on the roof top!

We also kept busy going to IKEA, COSTCO, and TRADER JOE'S. As well as a stroll and concert at Como Lake, a private tour of THE OPEN WINDOW THEATRE and smoothies at Jamba Juice. What a wonderful weekend!

I love my family so much and wish we were closer
but distance sure does make the heart grow fonder
and the times spent together even more treasured!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pope's Call to Artists!

One of our board members for Epiphany Studio Productions and The Open Window Theatre sent Jeremy and I this address from Pope Benedict to artists. Our mission and name was developed on JPII's "Letter to Artists" and it is a joy to have this mission affirmed once again by our Holy Father! See a short excerpt below.

Papal Address to Artists of Anniversary Exhibit

Never Seek Beauty Far From Truth and Charity

"...I would like to renew to you and to all artists a friendly and passionate appeal: never separate artistic creativity from truth and charity; never seek beauty far from truth and charity, but with the richness of your genius, of your creative impulse, be always courageous seekers of truth and witnesses of charity. Make truth shine in your works so that their beauty awakens in the sights and hearts of those who admire them the desire to make their existence, all existence, beautiful and true, enriching it with that treasure that never diminishes, which makes of life a work of art and of every man an extraordinary artist: [the treasure of] charity, love..."

Thank you Papa for affirming our mission in this work!

Holy Spirit of inspiration, dwell in all artists so that beauty and truth may be honored in art.

In the Divine Artist,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Augustine Toddles at 15months

Just a day before my family came to visit over 4th of July weekend Augustine decided to toddle. He has taken a few steps already here and there but now he is toddling more and more every day!

Took this picture 6/29/11 and he is already in shoes 1 and 1/2 SIZE BIGGER!

Here is a video of the tike with his sea legs...

Starving Artists - Edition 2 - Blessings from God!

God really seems to bless us in things rather than money. Which is quite wonderful!

Jeremy was on a pretty sweet high calling me while heading home from Office Max. Both of our computers are about to die and he finally had to break down and replace his because he was spending hours the night before cajoling, convincing and trying to get it to "stinking unfreeze will ya!" (That quotation was mine. ;-) He had called to say that he had gotten the laptop he needed and that he had some good news!

Apparently he had noticed they had some deal. If you buy a computer and they do not ask you if you would like to buy the Microsoft Software for it you get it free! It's kind of like if you check out at the store and they forget to give you your receipt than you get a $5 gift card or something. Well, considering this "free" item was a whopping $150 chances are not good they will forget. I mean, heck, I haven't even ever gotten the free super size to my value meal. They always ask. Well, I think God decided it was Jeremy's day to be blessed.

The clerk did not ask Jeremy about the software and when he went to stamp his receipt (that means they asked you). Jeremy was like, "Is that stamp to verify that you asked me about the software? Because I was never asked. I don't want to get anyone in trouble but I noticed the deal and specifically was waiting to be asked and I wasn't."


The manager came over and gave him the expensive piece of software. We hope no one gets in trouble but we are also pretty stoked about the savings! Thank you God!

I love to hear stories about God's provisions big or small, do you have a story to share? I would love to hear it!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Staying on top of life - there is an app for that!

Technology is a dear friend of mine. Most of the time. We have some issues but what friends don't. 

I have an iPhone and my life is so much easier because of it. Smart phones really are incredible and I'm using mine in ways I never imagined. I recently found an app that I would like  to share with you all because it is so helpful. I have recently been pondering how to better run and keep my household more organized especially when it comes to cleaning and housework.

So I searched some different apps and found "Motivated Moms." It is exactly what I needed. The app is basically a checklist of chores that is divided up throughout the entire year. There are "daily chores/activities" and there are "added chores."

For example the daily chores are:
  • Clean Kitchen Sink
  • Do Laundry
  • Exercise
  • Load/Run/Empty Dishwasher
  • Sweep Kitchen/Entryway
  • Wipe out bathroom sinks
  • Clear/wipe kitchen counters
  • Empty Trash
  • Make Beds
  • Plan/Cook Dinner
  • Quiet Time
  • Read to Children
  • Take Vitamins
  • Bible Reading
As you check off each item it drops to the bottom of the list and it gives you that satisfying "checked off - done" feeling!

Then each day (depending on the day) it gives you a few extra chores or items to do like:
  • Change children's sheets
  • Clip children's nails
  • Spend time on a craft/hobby
  • Go through coupons
  • Clean out car
  • De-Clutter Organize desks
  • etc...
I'm LOVING this app! I can check off chores and feel satisfied as well as give myself some quiet time and not feel guilty. It's on the list, I want to check it off! You also have the freedom to push a chore to a different day when it works better for you or even hide a chore if you, for example, don't have a porch to sweep.

I am loving my cleaner home and loving the way the chores are split up so I'm not overwhelmed. I have also added things to my chores that I don't think of. For example I cleaned off my dresser and the heaps of junk piling up on my desk and it felt SO good! I'm not sure this app would have the same impact on others but I have a total obsession with checking things off a list, it gives me a high. If cleaning can give me a high than bring it on!

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" (That's what they say!)

Swiffer Sarah

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saint Maria Goretti

Saint Maria Goretti's feast day is today and she has a special place in my heart as well as my home.

When I say she has a special place in my home, I mean it! Jeremy and I are blessed to have a first class relic of this beautiful heroic saint. If you are not familiar with what "first class" means, in terms of relics, it means we have a piece of her body. Wow. Since I have long studied the Theology of the Body the idea of relics has become even more beautiful. God made us both physical and spiritual and the two are united in the body and are blessed.

This morning I picked some of the lovely orange lilys in my yard to honor her with this day. I wanted to also go to mass but Augustine decided to nap right as I was getting ready to leave and so I did The Chaplet of Divine Mercy since her sainthood was pivotal on her desire for mercy towards her murderer. For more on her story click here. To watch a clip of the drama we tour and travel with across the country, based on her sainthood, as told through the words of her murderer, "Alessandro" click here.

Saint Maria Goretti, Pray for us!