"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gianna 9 Month's Old

This little girl rocks my world!
18.8 lbs (about 1 pound more than when she was 6 months!)
28 inches
Less than 50%tile for head
Brown Eyes
Brown Hair
She can give you butterfly kisses from across the room with her lashes and her cheeks should require a restraining order... once you start squishing them with kisses who can stop?
She is average on the charts... so I guess telling her she was so chubby made her self-conscious? Going from rich mommy milk only to veggies thinned out my sweetie... but I still think she's chunky! She has the most beautiful thighs. (Remember that Gianna!)
She loves to dance and her body just MOOOOOVES when any type of music plays... she has a sort of spastic head shake think that cracks me up. But she does not like tummy time and is not interested in crawling.

She adores her brother and smiles and smiles and smiles! Augustine looks out for Gianna throughout the day... he reminds me to go get her when she cries and he asks for her every morning. He delights in her like I do and we both love to make her laugh and smile. He's kind of bossy (sorry Gianna) but almost in a sweet way and I love to watch their relationship grow!
Her food sensitivities seem to be getting better and since I just loaded up on free pancakes at IHOP and she didn't suffer I'm pretty much convinced she isn't affected from my milk as much.

 She picks up food with great ease and grace... even the slimy slippery bananas and avocado (her favorites!) She also enjoys: Peas, quinoa, applesauce, gluten free bread, cheerios, cantaloupe, kiwi, pureed green beans and broccoli. She is a huge fruit fan... and can be a little picky at times.

She can say:

and most recently (as in the last two days....)

She has two super cute bottom teeth in, she loves nursing still but goes crazy over a bottle too, and she has been weaned from being swaddled (just this month!).

She has refused a paci for months and has no real comfort object...yet... although she really likes Augustine's special blankie. (Of all the things... THAT dirty thing?!?) He of course almost never shares it and snatches it from her if he sees her even glance at it longingly.

She's pretty patient when it comes to most things... I especially notice it because Augustine is so demanding "NOW" kind of kid and she usually gets taken care of last... I hope it teaches her virtue. How could it not?!

My dear peaches (yep that's what I like to call her) how lovely you are and how LOVED you are!

I bless you my child.