"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lent 2013

I reflect this day as I gaze as my bright pink tulips and out the window to our snow covered ground. Spring will come. The days of fasting will end. Joy and Hope DO prevail.

I've focused on moderation this Lent and it has left me peaceful and free from my chocolate sugar addiction.

Augustine and I made this Crown of Thorns and it has been a beautiful reminder for the whole family. As we put the thorns in he whole-hardily apologized to sweet Jesus for the pain he causes Jesus when he is disobedient and not loving.

He gets to take a thorn out every time he does something good or when he goes to church. It's a great reward to him and is bringing me back to the cross everyday.

We dyed Easter Eggs for the first time... and boy, if you want to get your kids to eat boiled eggs. Dye them!! Augustine went from not really liking eggs to LOVING THEM! Gianna, didn't get the memo. She does not enjoy boiled eggs. "Just give me peas, bananas, fruit, broccoli and buttered toast!"

I took Augustine to Holy Thursday mass last night and it was so wonderful. Just him and I reflecting on Jesus. He was SUCH a good boy! Stamped in my memory as one of my best Holy Thursday services EVER! I posted this on facebook that night...

---Holy Thursday mass with Augustine tonight was so SO wonderful! He is so eager to pray and understand the mass... As I was packing up our stuff he knelt in the aisle hands folded, "St. Augustine pray for us. St Gianna pray for us. St. Daddy pray for us. St Mommy pray for us. Mother Mary pray for us. Saint...Pope...Pope Frances pray for us. Father Son Holy Spirit. Amen. Ok, Let's go!"---

Our Passover Meal as a family...

...Augustine wanted to wash feet like Jesus did when we got home. So precious... and I sure hope this is a new family tradition. Watching Augustine grow in his faith is the high of my life right now... that and just having the blessing of the two most beautiful children!

Holy Week to all...
....and Happy Easter on the other side!

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