"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Baby is 12 Weeks

So despite not having Internet I am attempting to write a post
using my iPhone. So much has been happening and I'm getting so far

When I was pregnant with Augustine I kept a journal from day one.
I love going back and reading it. Remembering... And now comparing...

Pregnancy 1 vs. Pregnancy 2:
Note) This is not intended for competition purposes between my oldest two children!

With Augustine I was sick morning day and night with no relief.
Food didn't help in fact it made it worse! I hardly remember eating anything! This time
around I've felt sick here and there
but I can at least eat and actually, eating usually calms my tummy. However, I lost
weight in the first trimester for both pregnancies. I think 5lbs with Augustine and 3lbs with baby #2. Even though I can eat this time around I've craved only healthy food. A few weeks ago on a work trip I hadn't eaten enough and was very sick. Jeremy, the dear husband he is, was willing to go out at midnight to find some food for me in little ol' St. Joseph, MO.

"What can I get you? Ice cream? Pickles?? Pizza?"

"I don't know nothing sounds good... Oh, well actually - Peppers!"

"Peppers?? Just peppers?"
(laughter from us both...)

"Sure, honey, I'm sure there is a farmers market around here..."
(If you had seen this little place in the middle of nowhere you would understand why we both erupted in laughter!)

So yeah, my main craving has been peppers, red peppers.

Thank goodness they've been in season!

I'm very thankful we are done with the first trimester (for obvious reasons for baby's sake) and I'm already starting to crave junk food, sweets, and candy! Bring on that baby bump and kicking feeling! (I truly love that part- mostly!)

Praise God for this healthy pregnancy and joy of new life!

Baby Stanbary, we love you SO much!

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