"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Summer at a Glance

This summer has been one of the best summers ever! Its just been filled with lots of fun and activities and I do love to be busy especially when its fun stuff with my precious family. I haven't had much time to blog so I thought I would do a fun picture post highlighting some great summer memories...

Swimming at the free Minneapolis pools with Gina...

Stealing 4th of July kisses and watching fireworks flair with some
good friends a top the Science Museum in downtown St. Paul.

Cuddling with sleeping babies in the warm summer air with the fan blowing...

Potty Training ... That's a whole blog post to come!

Birthday Parties with toddlers...

Watching two holy people enter into a holy sacrament a lovely wedding...
(and lots of fun with two of my darlings)
Fresh skin... and sibling love.
More sleeping baby...
 My family came to visit for Gianna's Baptism and we strolled around
Centennial Lakes farmers market a prefect summer evening.

"Big Brother Aidan" visits...
Discovering our favorite water hole by the river in St. Paul. Augustine loves slashing in the very shallow pools especially during this very hot summer!
Waiting for some DQ... (dare I say even patiently?)

The kids...all 4 of them
Water hole... again... we love it!

Lovin' on Aidan...

Fresh veggies from the garden... YUM!

...and most recently a walk down by the river in St. Paul and
a stop at The Science Museum and an Omnitheatre show!

More to come... you can be sure!

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  1. Wait... What? Didn't the summer just start?!?! Cute pictures! :)