"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thoughts of a Mommy...

As I've realized being the mother of a now 4 month old baby girl the biggest difference between the day to day of a baby girl versus a baby boy is...


The color she wears...

One thing you quickly learn is its safe to say 95% of the clothing you own for your daughter will be pink or have pink in it.

That makes it very easy to put together their outfits.

It's just a matter of matching pink shades... and that's really not that important... it all just looks flat adorable.

Now if you decide to put them in that one cute red outfit or blue outfit beware of bystanders calling them a boy or if you need to throw a sweatshirt on them or a hat... NOTHING will match. Oh, well.

Now thoughts on my darling 2 1/2 yr old boy...

Don't you dare leave the house without a snack. Just don't do it. Don't forget and don't "try to not snack on this outing."

Even worse... DON'T forget WATER or some DRINK. You think you might be able to handle them whining so... but if you go ahead and leave the driveway without their sippy cup... if you don't take the time to turn off the car, unlock the house scamper around for a clean cup or water bottle... YOU WILL regret it! At first you think they can survive a 45 min drive without water. But then you think water... I am denying them of their primal NEED. It doesn't help that their cries of dehydration are relenting and endless... I always keep a back up stash in my purse if I forget. I even have a back- up back-up stash!

Then you can sit back and enjoy an evening like we did tonight! AFTER I changed Gianna's entire outfit because I didn't have a hat to match her cute but not warm enough RED outfit and AFTER I made use of my back-up BACK-UP snack buried on the bottom of my purse.



...and how I wish my phone's battery hadn't died because one of my favorite images from the night was watching Augustine run all the way home. His little beautiful body running with his right arm pumping away. I couldn't resist smiling like a giddy mommy. How I love my cuties and their precious little bodies and spirits!

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