"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, December 17, 2012

6 Month Gianna

Ok, so Gianna is already 7 1/2 months old but I'm due on getting her 6 month pictures up...

With Augustine I did 3, 6, 9 and 12 month target pictures but I've gotten so many cute pictures of Gianna that I decided to save a few bucks and go with it. This was the 6 month photo shoot I did on my own with her at 6 months.

She is such a sweet smiling girl!

Her milestones include:

6 month - Sitting up by herself
6 month - Rolling over, front to back and back to front (a couple times only)
7 month - First bath sitting in tub by herself
7 month - "Da Da" and "La La" and "Ba Ba"
7 1/2 m  - "Daddy" (Yes, my daughter says "Daddy" whether intentional or not its very much a word that is not "Mommy".)

She giggles and LOVES her brother even when he sits on her and rough houses with her... I go to protect her and she... laughs! Lately she finds his burping after each sip of water quite delightful. I never imagined I would tell him to do it again and again as I want to hear her hearty laugh again and again.

At 6 months I took her to a pediatric chiropractor who did allergy tests on her to get to the bottom of her vomiting and fussiness. After discovering her many allergies/sensitivities. I (who am her main food source) am giving up Gluten, ALL Dairy, Corn, Nuts, Cocoa, and a few other odds and end things. Wow its been a dietary change ride!! BUT Gianna is a different baby... she doesn't seem in pain and she goes to bed like a dream... the vomiting has gotten a lot better and she seems happier overall.

She is such a beautiful baby and I am just overwhelmed by her. I love her so much and as much as I love her bed and nap times I oogle at pictures of her in the meantime.

Two little loves have captured my heart and I have never been the same!

I am so blessed, thank you God for allowing me these tremendous gifts in Augustine and Gianna.

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