"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Delight at Emma Krumbees

Amidst the endless work in our house was a sweet glimmer of true joy! We took what will soon be our annual trip to Emma Krumbee's Scarecrow Fest. It was such a lovely day minus the frigid cold... eh, who notices cold when your in a toddler's play land, Augustine certainly didn't.

First we played on the cool playground boat and tractor with slides and their huge hay pile! Then we took the tractor ride to the pumpkin field. It was so cold and a Friday so we had the whole tractor ride to ourselves! We ran through the fields and took some silly pictures...

... in the open wind it was pretty chilly so we didn't stay long, so we went off to check out the scare crows!
 Um... no this is bundled Gianna with me... the scare crows...
 Uh, so still no scare crows. I guess I don't have  single picture of the "scary crows" as Augustine so fondly called them, but they were cool and creative.

Next we rode the tricycles on the little paths and bridges. By "we" I mean Jeremy and Augustine... it was pretty adorable. Jeremy piggybacked on Augustine's trike and he may, or may not have, flipped the trike. No one was injured or phased by the event. :-)

 Above I finally pulled Gianna's extra socks off and used them for mittens on Augustine's cold hands... she was very bundled and he not so much.

THEN... we wanted to head in to warm up and have have some warm apple pie Ala mode. We begged and coaxed Augustine with Hot Chocolate or Hot Apply Cider, he could care less he was having too much fun on the huge tube slide! Finally we got him to come in...

Besides tantelizing our toungues we got some great pictures of Gianna... she is so smiley and photo-genic!

 Just talking to the cutest pumpkin around...
 What a doll!
 "Huh, oh, you mean me?"
 Love those squishy cheeks!
 After some pretty much AMAZING Apple Flips and Apple pie with Ice cream and Hot Apple Cider and a couple trips to the potty we headed back out to ride the train, again total bonus that it wasn't busy since we rode the train two times in a row. Augustine kept going "Chugga chugga chuggaa chooo choo!"
 After the train we raced through their rope maze... and yes, on record, MOMMY beat Daddy!

It seems we've visited Emma Krumbee's every fall that we have a new child here is our pumpkin line up...

Gianna Pumpkin 2012

Augustine Pumpkin 2010

A tradition I look forward to extending for years to come!!

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