"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, May 16, 2011

13 months and WALKING!

Hurray! Augustine has taken his first steps as many as 3 at a time. Now, that may not be walking fully but its well on its way and I'm pumped! It happened at a rather uneventful time in the first week of May. Jeremy and I were sitting at the bar table working on our laptops when out of the corner of my eye I saw Augustine step away from the coffee table where he had been contentedly popping peas. I said to Jeremy, 'look he's walking!' as he took a second and a third step before plopping down to the ground bewildered at our apparent surprise and excitement. He really seemed rather confused and not even aware of what he had just done. Even now, no coaxing required, just some great distraction and he forgets he is not holding on and - walla!

In other news he is also beginning to more naturally use my favorite words --- "Mommy, Mamma, Maaa, Mommm!" It's been kind of long and slow in coming and it makes me appreciate it even more! He also really enjoys saying "ba - ba- ba- ba-..." as an animal sound.

...And after a long hiatus from teething he has started it up again and it is rough. Really really rough. I would like to know how painful it is for him because he seems just miserable and we are too! He has four teeth coming in on top. The first of his top teeth. Teething just doesn't seem fair. Thank goodness growing skin, hair and nails doesn't hurt like growing teeth. Can you imagine??

His best and most effective pain killer can not be found at your local drug store. It is not a frozen treat or orajel. It is -- the park. If only we lived at the park and I could have a desk and laptop with me while Augustine sat peacefully staring at other kids and playing with small stones, sticks, and bits of grass all the while day dreaming his pain away. Wow, how my fantasies have changed.

So that's the update on the precious toddling cutie pie!


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