"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Hello All!

So, I know, in terms of blog posts, I've skipped over the last two days of Advent and Christmas but they are coming. Right now I'm pretty pumped about New Years Resolutions and just couldn't wait to get them down in writing and have my Blogging world keep me accountable. :-)

2011 brought me a lot of exciting new things on my New Years resolution list...

  • Sign up for adoration -- DONE! (Thanks to my friends Taryn and Sara!)
  • Get Pregnant -- DONE! (I don't know if that is fair to have as a new years resolution, more just a hope!)
  • NEW car by next Winter -- DONE! (This was God's hand and has been a MAJOR blessing!)
  • Run a half marathon -- DONE! (This was actually someone elses New Year's Resolution that I completed, so again not of my own design!)
An interesting theme resounds when I look at each of my completed resolutions. They were not necessarily of my own will power or design. BUT I did them. I DO give fair total credit to God!

So here are 2012 New Year's Resolutions: (here goes nothing!)

  • Family: Eat one meal per week together as a family (on Sunday).
  • Family: Go to daily mass once a week (on Friday as a Family).
  • Personal: Organize a do-able cleaning schedule and follow it (see below).
  • Personal: Have a baby (not to take anything for granted, but, dare I say duh?)... and lose the baby weight.
  • Personal: Paint, organize, and set up Augustine's new bedroom before the baby is born. (April)
  • Personal: Organize the toy situation
I may add to this list in the days to come but please feel free to ask me how I am doing on my resolutions and help keep me accountable. I really feel that simple and year-long attainable goals is the way to go, so no crazy elaborate things this year. Starting small and hopefully growing in the theme of Faith, Family, and Organization.

Here is my weekly cleaning schedule:

  • Monday: Vacuum Downstairs
  • Tuesday: Bathrooms (alternate)
  • Wednesday: Vacuum Upstairs
  • Thursdays: Dust/Wipe down tables
  • Friday: Clean and Organize Desk and Office
I will, of course, have other things around the house related to cleaning and organizing that I will need to do each week but if I can do those as I currently am and really stick to the basic cleaning listed above (even when life gets CRAZY BUSY) I feel that will add a lot of order and cleanliness to our home and lives.

You know how (at least for me) when you say I will do 10 sit ups per day you actually usually do more than 10 (which is great!) but on the days you are really busy or tired you still can "at least quick do 10" and so its realistic. That's my mentality. Why make resolutions if you can't be realistic. The fun is knowing and hoping in the realistic and great changes that can be made!

Good luck on your own goal making this month and do try to be realistic and save yourself the usual breaking of that New Year's Resolution.

and... MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

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