"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

9 Months with Baby Gianna!

Hello 9 MONTHS!

What a GREAT place to get to!

I am still feeling really great although I have felt like the baby has dropped. Should I say, "hello bathroom" since that seems to be my favorite room in the house? In the evenings I am feeling a little sore in my core muscles which are hard to identify at this point, although I know they are still there.

I went to the Dr for my 36 week appointment and I am 1 1/2cm dilated! Wooohooo! Doctor said I measured smaller this time even though baby seems "a good size", so she confirmed baby dropped. When I asked about the baby "being good sized" she also said she might be smaller than Augustine was but not much. Bummer. I mean I'm glad she is healthy--- but I was hoping she would be smaller. I've gained 20 lbs so far and my hemoglobin came out fine (last time I think I was low on iron).

What a wonderful time to have a baby! Spring! Oh, joy!

I keep going back and forth about when the baby should be born. Which is actually quite ridiculous since I have VERY little (if any) control on the issue (naturally speaking). I love to plan and since the thought of her coming early dawned on me I have been contemplating it.  I am so eager to meet this little sweetie pie! Although due to work schedules I finally feel (at the present moment) she should probably hang tight until April 28th (her due date). Jeremy has SO much work to do and is so stressed that once The Hobbit opens at the Theatre (April 27th) his deadlines will be up and thus a slight lifting of work stress. Notice how I used the word "slight".

Well, let the countdown begin!

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