"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, March 19, 2012

8 1/2 Months

I turned 34 wks pregnant on St. Patrick's Day so I'm trying to wear green... its not the most green outfit... but thought I did pretty well considering my limited wardrobe and the warm record breaking weather we've been having. I pulled out my summer shorts and love that they all still fit, sweet!

Today I had my 34 wk Doctors appointment and all went well! I have a LOT of contractions... did with Augustine too so its never a big concern. However, when my Doctor asked if I have five in an hour I said I was pretty sure I do... So she wanted to check things out to see if they were effecting anything. Turns out they were but she wasn't to concerned. I'd share more but I feel that's a bit TMI. I just feel SO great that I was kind of amazed my body was gearing up for baby to come. With Augustine I felt like he could drop right out he was so low and SO SO SO heavy!

At nine months I'm going to do a bump line up of pictures to see the changes. I only gained one pound from my last pictures at 8 months so I'm not sure if there is a visible change or not.... I am feeling bigger though!

I wish I had more energy to post more... but with the weather I have been going to the park a LOT (often twice a day) with Augustine and by the time he crashes I'm just not in the mood to write... Part of going to the park includes walking to the park or often being "horsey" while Augustine rides to the park on my back. I can't help but picture how funny we look. A 30 pound toddler on my back, the  baby bump on the front and a 6lb purse dangling from my shoulder. I'm in WAY better shape this pregnancy than last I can tell you that much!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and The feast of St. Joseph!

To celebrate I ate 3 bowls of mint ice cream! (I gave up sweets for lent so I'm splurging... just a little. ;-)

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