"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reflect on the journey, embrace beauty

I've had a rough couple weeks. I haven't slept well because Gianna wakes up a lot throughout the night and I've started potty training Augustine and its beyond exhausting. I've found my patience has been tested in a whole new way. Post on THAT topic coming later...

But this week I decided to chill a little on the potty training... its still going well but I need to start getting out of the house again and just chill put on a pull up and not sacrifice my peace in order to get him on the potty on each moment I think he should go. I was actually missing my children because I was spending so much time trying to get stuff done and get THEM done. Yes, I lost my path as the mother I usually am. In fact, hearing Augustine say to me, "Mommy not nervous. Daddy's nervous. Mommy stop being nervous." (Yes, my poor dear husband, is super stressed often and so for whatever reason Augustine started calling his stress... "Being nervous". I actually think it is sounds adorable.)

Anyway... today it was a beautiful day and I just wanted to soak in my beautiful children, thanks to GOD's grace that I have been praying for! We went shopping and I felt peace while carrying Gianna gurgling in the front pack and trying on shoes on Augustine while he loudly proclaimed... "Too tight!" "Not like mommy (as in he doesn't like the shoes I was trying on him)!" "Car shoes on." I just enjoyed the moments and the day despite sheer exhaustion from getting very very little sleep the night before. After naps we walked to Highland Park and while it took Augustine fooooorrreeeever to get there because he took two steps and then jumped in each pile of leaves he saw.

 I just thought --- be here-- be now, Sarah. And I did and I breathed in beauty. The trees were lovely. The sun divine. Here are a few pictures to share our evening...

We have the most lovely front yard!...
 I got Gianna laughing on the swings and it was delightful!

...My phone died so I couldn't take many pictures of Augustine ... not that I would have gotten many since he is such a moving target these days! But Gianna watched while him and I chased each other down the slide playing "Tickle Monster."
I am so blessed!

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