"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Creative and Clean...

 Last weeks Chicken Pot Pie! Oh it was SO good!

I made this Pumpkin Cheesecake for my Norwex Party. Oh yum yum yum! 
Jeremy was like, why don't you make stuff like this for just "us." 
My response, "Because it costs as much as a whole meal!" 
That's true BUT it's also because I prefer to serve and have healthy food around mostly.

So I had under $20 to spend this week. I go between feeling inspired and feeling ... ug.

I kind of get inspired when I whip up AuGratin Spaghetti Squash and Pesto/Pepperoni/Lasagna out of thin air and it works and is surprisingly yummy.

I LOVE cleaning out my fridge. I get that from my mom too! Tonight we ate odds and ends since we had our main meal for lunch.

Becket: Coconut Quinoa/Ham/Broc/Rice/Green Beans

Gianna: Green Beans/Ham, Red Ants on a Log, Yogurt, Whole Wheat English muffin with butter, whole Banana (Big eater tonight!)

Augustine: Red Ants on a Log, Yogurt, W/W English Muffin

Me: Half a pan of coconut oil brownies and green beans (Um, I need to practice for thanksgiving...)

Beside cleaning out food from the fridge I'm turning a new corner in cleaning in general. I like keeping things tidy, I am really aware of chemicals in the food we injest and the stuff we put on our bodies. I switched to using coconut oil for "everything" quite a while ago.I LOVE coconut oil! However, when it comes to cleaning and cleaning products... I was concerned but just didn't go all on board ... until now.

I had a Norwex Party and it finally clicked for me. It's a natural next step on my holistic journey. It's simple and it might actually get me cleaning more! I'm extremely sold on their anti-bac products. Cleaning without using chemicals AND no more stinky rags. I have a hard time using a rag more than once before tossing it to get washed. It smells and looks gross to me. Not only do the Norwex rags not smell but they capture germs and don't allow them to grow. Die germs! I don't need to buy sprays or cleaners I just clean with water and a rag. Simple. AND they clean stuff very well and very quick. I could go on but I think you get the point. So, I've been scrubbing my fridge, walls, doors, light switches, and tonight -- even my blinds! That is really impressive for me. More than things being clean is actually the great feeling of getting rid of bacteria and cleaning more naturally. Keeping pollution out of my house. IF you want to learn more I'm happy to share. I don't sell the stuff but am happy to promote it!

I just heard on the news $49 is the average Thanksgiving meal cost... yikes! My in-laws are really into cooking and my sister in-law has Celiacs so it has to be uber gluten free. So if I bring something I have to prepare it at her house. Since she is a super amazing ambitious cook (3 stuffings are on the menu!) they have the whole meal planned and pretty much everything is covered! I am bringing a special spiced apple cider from Trader Joes. I debated making something more but it's to tricky trying to prepare it there so... cider it is! I really can't complain.

Meal Plan this week:

1- Chicken Dumpling Soup
2- BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
3- Au Gratin Spaghetti Squash and Pesto Lasagna
4- Thanksgiving with Family
5- Hummus, Pita and Veggies
6- English muffin ham and egg breakfast sandwiches
7- Mashed Potatoes, Ham and Green Beans

Augustine has been watching Master Chef with me and decided he wanted to make mashed potatoes by himself. I handed him a peeler and said you are on your own. He peeled a WHOLE pot of potatoes. PERFECTLY. Wow. It was pretty amazing! He's 4years old. I prefer to cook alone but it was a wake up call for me to let him in on more stuff in the kitchen and to trust him to actually just do something and do it right. I hover and want to hurry to avoid the mess. Lesson learned. I grow as a mom every day. Every minute.

I am so thankful for my children they make me SOOO happy!

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