"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

I have so much to share on this blog but for the sake of feeling overwhelmed and not writing or posting anything I'm going to check something off the list... Christmas pictures!

After not being home for Christmas Eve/Day in 3 YEARS! I got to enjoy my wonderful family and our dear held traditions, the Wisconsin way!

I re-arranged our furniture and can't believe we haven't done this sooner! I love how our red wals glow in the light!

 I tried to focus on advent with the kids using advent chain links, candles and prayers. Not all I hoped but I hope as the kids get older it will be more meaningful.
 I LOVE watching my kids LOVE eachother!

Christmas Eve Ham Dinner before going to Mass at St. Johns in Little Chute 
with the priest that gave me my first communion!
 The best I could get of just the three of them.

 The four oldest cousins on the Preissner side.

 I love these family pictures!

What a ham!



She's the only girl of 8 cousins/brothers and she works it!

Gifts after Mass exchanged between siblings and to my mom and dad.

 Merry Christmas Day 2014
We did 3 gifts for the kids this year with this theme:
Gold: A gift for their hearts desire.
Frankincense: A gift that glorifies God.
Myrrh: A gift for the body.

Gold: Tool/work Bench and Ninjago book for Augustine

 Gold: Baby and Baby Bed for Giana

 Becket was mostly along for the ride. I made him a cute photo book he will appreciate later.
 Mommy and Baby matching outfits!
 My Boys Christmas Day Eve

Green Bay Botanical gardens light show! LOVE this place and the kids did too! Gorgeous decently warm night. (Not quite worthy of the guy in shorts in the below pic... just noticed that!)

Home in MN and we opened the gifts I managed to forget!

Frankincense: Saint Gianna Doctor Kit

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