"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, January 26, 2015

I choose this moment...

I have a hundred things I could be doing right now. As I'm sure you all do to. So, thanks for stopping to read my post! ...that being said I choose this moment and I live in it. I've been doing a lot of that lately.

I've been on an organizing and cleaning kick lately. But, don't worry, know one could tell. Because, well, I DO still have kids that destroy everything they touch. I can't even tell you how often I catch myself wondering how everyone else is doing it all. This is what I've come up with:

1. They have help.
2. They don't sleep.
3. They have older kids to help.
4. Something gives.
5. Their husbands are around more to help.
6. Their kids aren't as needy.

Number 4 is what I'm focusing on. I'm not looking to compare I'm just really trying to figure out a system. A magical system. A place of peace and contentment. I'm finding I must find it in the mess. All three of my kids want me. ALL. THE. TIME. They want to be held and loved constantly. I truly LOVE that part of my job! But I want a perfect home to... Can I have both? Some moments are picture perefct. I have laundry going the whole house tidy, floor vacuumed, main room dusted, dishes done, dinner in the crock pot and scones cooling and I'm rolling on the floor laughing with my kids. And some moments, like this morning, I was curled up on the couch with Gianna and Augustine watching Tinkerbell Movie on the big screen licking suckers. No one had eaten breakfast, I didn't have the dishwasher emptied yet, I had no plan for supper, let alone having it started, We were in our PJs. But Augustine was sick and Gianna was in desperate need of being held (like she is all the time). So I let it all fade away. I kissed cuddled and enjoyed my cuties until Becket woke.

And then...

They all started crying and screaming for my attention. Just ask Jeremy, he still has ringing in his ears. I know I do. At one point all three were begging to sit on MY lap. While Jeremy sat on the couch with a perfectly lovely lap, wide open. And if you must know... I AM still in my PJS. There, I said it.

So what sometimes happens is the flurry of crazy quickly whisks away my sweet moment. BUT I reflect tonight and remember, in that moment, in each moment, I was present. At least I think I was. Hee hee. :-)

Tonight I frantically was memorizing lines for the play I'm in.

 It's about the third hour total I've been able to put into memorizing and I have to be off book tomorrow night. Yikes! I am not a night person so having the only available memorizing time be  at 9:30pm is painful for me. But it's all good and I am SO pumped to be in this show. My mommy brain appears to be leaving me alone when it comes to memorizing and I hope that bodes well for my chance of avoiding Alzheimer in the future.

I am SO thankful for this day. I loved watching Gianna and Becket bond through playtime while Augustine was on the couch all day. I love putting Augustine down for nap last and reading our chapter book together in his sun-shining room. We finished "Grk and the Poletti Gang" and are now reading "Grk Smells a Rat."

My kids have a lot of various personality traits but one of the traits they all share the most is affectionate and loving. They love each other and me SO much. They eagerly are giving kisses and hugs to my leg or knee or nose. Becket is experiencing some serious smothering by Gianna right now and it is adorable.

We literally had a fight about who's baby Becket is. "He is MY baby brother. (kissing him affectionately) But he is MY baby. (me tickling his tummy). etc. etc.. You know she, the two year old with chocolate-eyes-you-could-melt-into, won. Augustine steps into the doting and caring older brother role quite perfectly. He is often sweetly reminding Gianna of the house rules and comforting her when she is an emotional wreck. He also smothers Becket as well and loves on him dearly.

I can say all that because I also shared how I'm still in my pjs and I let my kids have suckers (although they WERE organic AND it was only after Gianna took her fermented cod liver oil) for breakfast.

I know I will keep striving for perfection but I also know I need to have peace in the imperfection or I won't love my life.

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