"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Week A Birthing Experience

Jeremy drew this picture of the new born baby Jesus.
It is one of my favorites.
Can you see the symbols in the picture? 
The hay in the formation of the cross and markings on His small hands and feet, a
 sign pointing towards His suffering and death on the cross

So each Holy Week we travel to be with my family in Wisconsin and to pick up Jeremy's son Aidan in Chicago. Holy Week is my favorite week of the year and it has been for years. Its as if there is something different in the air during that time and I love going to all the Holy Week masses.

This year was especially meaningful for me as I vividly remembered last years Holy Week of preparation for baby Augustine.

Last year my more painful contractions started at Holy Thursday mass and Jeremy and I stayed up all night in waiting with Christ. I awaited the painful yet exciting thoughts of what was to come with the labor and delivery as Jeremy supported me and washed my feet (as is our tradition on Holy Thursday). I could not have had a more perfect time to reflect on Christ as I did those next long hours. I think my experience that Holy Thursday was much like the feelings Christ would have had, except on a MUCH smaller scale. Then Good Friday came... I remembered the continued pain and suffering waiting and waiting for my relief. For the trial to end and the joy and hope of new life to begin. On Good Friday last year when I felt the pain of the long tedious labor could no longer be endured I asked for an epidural. I recall that moment like it was yesterday warm relief calming my body. I laid back and was able to rest looking at the clock as a reference point rather than my torture tool. As the pain diminished from my body the clock struck 3:00pm. The hour of mercy. The hour when my Lord was relieved of His sufferings, so was I. The whole experience was completely of God's design. The journey was not over, but the pain was. How awesome for God to have given me this perfect timing in remembrance of Him. So, this year, although much less dramatic, was still an extremely meaningful time for me as I reflected on last year. What a great gift I have been given. I will never forget that experience and how the suffering and pain brought to me the most wonderful life changing day of my entire life.

Praised be to the Risen Lord and King!

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