"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clear As Day

...is the way Augustine has been speaking some words lately.

When people ask me, "is he talking yet?" I don't really know what to say. I mean he IS talking I just don't know baby Chinese or French. I need a translator. Sometimes he says words that sound JUST like words... but does that count?

So far he is "saying":

Putsy (pootsee) :  He said this one after my mom pointed to a "pretty" decoration. It is my personal favorite!

Jesus (Geezus) : He has said this one a couple of times when shown pictures of Jesus.

Dad (DaD) : He has said this often but rarely in refernce to 'the man'. 

e-Good : Just used today when I let him look at my computer while working. I assumed it meant 'good!' but perhaps he was saying 'egad!'

Gandma : His response to when I said, "Doesn't Grandma give you such yummmy food?"

He also says 'hi' at random as well as 'yay' and the ever 'ba ba' at books, bottle, tree, dog, and anything else he fancies whether it has a 'B' in the name or not.

There have been several others, more clever unique ones, that I can't remember. Perhaps I should keep a list and update as they come. So, as I mentioned above, I don't really know if this all counts as "talking" but it is all pretty darn cute when wrapped up in the gibberish baby talk that doesn't sound like anything English and is spoken with lots of expression and purpose.

In other exciting developments, thanks to my side of the family, he can do a couple actions for the song, "My God is so Great." Which includes waving his little pointer finger at, "There's nothing my God cannot do!" He also can clap and stomp his feet on command thanks to Raffi's music and the book "Barnyard Dance." He can climb stairs, cruise, and neatly (for a baby) feed himself spaghetti.

He has a delightful personality as well.

He is very thoughtful and easy going when it comes to most things especially when they don't involve buttons he is not allowed to push. He is ready to giggle at the silly things his mommy and daddy are willing to do to get a laugh. Being silly people and actors there is no shortage of silliness in the house.

Here is an example of Augustine's sense of humor...

What a wonderful gift we have in our adorable little bundle and how thankful I am everyday for the joy and love he brings to our lives!


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