"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family visits!

Amidst our busy schedule we've had the joy of hosting our families here at the Stanbary house!

4th of July weekend my family came up to visit here is our fun trip in snapshots:

We checked out the Hmong and Thia Market...It was Dad's idea and was pretty interesting.

 I kind of felt like I had stepped into a different county it was pretty surreal actually.
Ah the treasures of the Twin Cities!
 Here are my parents, looking as cute as ever, trying "Bubble Tea" for the first time.

....we had yummy eats outdoors in the heat here is Augustine after a wipe down from his messy dinner.
Love the hair!

Then we celebrated Augustine's baptism with his Godmother "Aunt Lisa". It's a Preissner family tradition to celebrate Baptism anniversaries and I'm bringing the tradition into our new family. "Happy Baptism to you! Happy Baptism to you!"

She got him a beginners Bible and he LOVES it!

Then there was the Grandma Horseeeee ride - what a lucky boy!
More food... with one of my favorites corn on the grill!

We (those who were brave enough) climbed on top of our high flat roof to watch the St. Paul fireworks and to set off "floating lanterns" (Tangled anyone??). It was BEAUTIFUL and worked perfectly! Thanks honey for finding them and setting up such a lovely evening on the roof top!

We also kept busy going to IKEA, COSTCO, and TRADER JOE'S. As well as a stroll and concert at Como Lake, a private tour of THE OPEN WINDOW THEATRE and smoothies at Jamba Juice. What a wonderful weekend!

I love my family so much and wish we were closer
but distance sure does make the heart grow fonder
and the times spent together even more treasured!

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