"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pope's Call to Artists!

One of our board members for Epiphany Studio Productions and The Open Window Theatre sent Jeremy and I this address from Pope Benedict to artists. Our mission and name was developed on JPII's "Letter to Artists" and it is a joy to have this mission affirmed once again by our Holy Father! See a short excerpt below.

Papal Address to Artists of Anniversary Exhibit

Never Seek Beauty Far From Truth and Charity

"...I would like to renew to you and to all artists a friendly and passionate appeal: never separate artistic creativity from truth and charity; never seek beauty far from truth and charity, but with the richness of your genius, of your creative impulse, be always courageous seekers of truth and witnesses of charity. Make truth shine in your works so that their beauty awakens in the sights and hearts of those who admire them the desire to make their existence, all existence, beautiful and true, enriching it with that treasure that never diminishes, which makes of life a work of art and of every man an extraordinary artist: [the treasure of] charity, love..."

Thank you Papa for affirming our mission in this work!

Holy Spirit of inspiration, dwell in all artists so that beauty and truth may be honored in art.

In the Divine Artist,

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