"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Friday, November 18, 2011

17 weeks and dreaming...

I have been having some really beautiful dreams about my little new growing baby and now that I feel baby kicking it is making the whole, "I'm pregnant thing" feel more real.

I just went to my 16 week pre-natal checkup on Monday and I've "gained 1lb" (with my winter coat on) since my last visit. My blood pressure went down quite a bit from last time, the nurse actually checked 2x since it seemed so low, in a good way. The baby's heartbeat was sweet music to this worrying mommy's ears and my measurements are right on for 16weeks. Excellent!

I have been feeling pretty good except that I got a nasty cold from my dear son. So much for the healthy bliss of my first pregnancy. And "hello" to the cold season. Ug.

The really exciting news is that on the eve of St. Nicholas Day (one of my favorite holidays!) we get to see our baby at the 20 week ultra sound AND (drum roll please....) find out if we have a baby boy or a baby girl!! I LOVE that part! I dream baby is a girl, I think girl, and I feel girl.... BUT when ever I want to out loud refer to baby I easily want to say, "he." Who knows but I am SUPER pumped either way.

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