"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He gives and takes away...

OK, so I've taken a bit of a 3 week hiatus from blogging since I have not had my laptop. I finally have it back and I am super excited to start blogging again. SO MUCH is happening right now both good and bad so its a lot to catch up on!

It goes something along the lines of that song or bible verse, "He gives and takes away, gives and takes away! But I will choose to say, BLESSED BE HIS NAME!" Amen. God gave us the gift of my old car Roger from some dear people who "paid it forward" (give) then it broke down 2 days later (take away). Then some rocking friends of our fixed Roger (give). Then we had our trailblazer broken into $200 broken window repair and $2,000 piece of equipment stolen (take away). Then some generous donors replaced our equipment (give) and God blessed us with $2,000 + in donations unexpectedly at a performance in Atlanta, GA (give). We made it back from Atlanta (16 hr drive) to realize we could hardly get our Trailblazer into the car shop one block from our house (take away). This has all happened in about a month (except for the getting Roger part). Roger is now our reliable car... which is scary if you saw Roger... or heard him for that matter!!

None-the-less... God is good and we do bless his glorious name! So far we are all healthy and our new baby seems to be growing fine! We have a house, a working car, jobs, and our families. The big things that really matter, God is letting us keep. Thank you LORD!

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