"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hangin' and Eatin'

What day is it??

--FRIDAY??? Oh, yeah...

Since Jeremy and I have to work weekends often because of the Theatre biz we on rare occasions try to take it easy during the week instead to make up for much needed lost family time. This week was one of those weeks and it has been WONDERFUL!!

Augustine loves his Daddy and I love having family time. The more we don't have family time the more I treasure the time we do get together. The last couple days we've taken family walks to the post office (yes, Augustine walks instead of sits in the stroller) and the weather has been lovely. It has really been a great week. So that is why my days are all confused!

I keep my meal plans on the fridge but I enjoy organizing them on this blog too... it helps me think things through...

So here goes:

Thursday: Ham, Green Beans and Jeremy's AMAZING secret recipe Mashed Potatoes
Friday/Saturday: Sausage and Peppers Pasta Dish
Sunday: Cowboy Stew

Next week:

Monday: Mock Chow Mein
Tuesday: Taco Salad
Wednesday (Ash Wed.): Fish Sticks and Tator Tots

Then Augustine and I are heading to Wisconsin Land to spend some time with my family and see my new nephew, Adam Michael! Hurray! Augustine can't stop talking about the "chickies" and "Grandpa" he is going to see. Jeremy, is on his own with food... Hmmm... I suppose I should stock up on his staples. Rice packets and tator tots!

My experiment with spending no grocery money for a week went great and I hope to do it again! FYI- -For all those penny pinchers out there-- Rainbow Foods has ground turkey on sale for $1 per pound and its STOCK UP TIME for me! :-)

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