"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

7 Month Bump and Update

...and this is baby bump for month 7...

(Notice the cutie pie in the mirror, the little short one in the white onesie, he wanted in on the picture and pretty much stole the show. :-)

This picture was taken less then 10 minutes from him.... hurling, tossing his "cookies"... you get the point... We have spent the last couple days recovering and he seems to be back to his normal silly self plus a cough. His latest cute word/phrase is "more?" "more please?"... he says it in a very sweet gentle question style way... It's not that demanding - "More!" You usually get from kids. It's definitely a question. Subtext: "What do you think if I had a little more mom?" So darn cute!

Gianna is spending her time being VERY VERY active and keeping me awake many a night. She is quite the mover and shaker and is already practicing her dance moves. I look forward to teaching my little "couple" to Ballroom Dance as soon as I can - Oh, how cute! :-)

Besides the sleepless nights, I have been feeling REALLY good. Praise God!

My next post is going to be on our upcoming show Edith Stein-- THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! I know I always kind of say that but, wow, we have some really rock solid actors in this show and the story is incredibly inspiring and moving.

Oh, yeah and in preparation for my Glucose test tomorrow (take 2 since I threw the 2 hr one up - ug) I am eating freshly made cookies. If I do have gestational diabetes I am going to be going through MAJOR sugar withdrawal. (I don't think I have GD but my doctor seems concerned because I have had a big baby.)

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