"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day!

Growing up it was a family holiday and involved a beautifully decorated breakfast table filled with pink hearts, candy, and Valentines. My mom always made the most delicious cinnamon rolls or (my favorite) Monkey Bread. We sat around the table taking turns reading each others heartfelt valentine cards/notes... it left a warm wonderful love for the feast day.

Its really more of a family thing than a "lovie-dovie" thing for me. This year has been no different as Jeremy and I continue our own traditions and special memories. Jeremy does an amazing job of making the day special. This year he stayed up until 6am building me my new desk and doing all the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Inside my beautiful new black armour desk was a lovely card and candy as well as hearts and notes throughout the house. He knows how to make it special!

Augustine was so excited to see the new desk and treats. I thought he would jump out of his skin when I said he could have one of my Reese's Hearts for breakfast! I wanted to take a picture but Augustine was too excited there was no way...

I then prepared my valentine for Jeremy which has become an annual thing now... It's a big poster board card that has a message that uses candy bars. I made it for him last year and he said he would love it every year. (I write a new message each year.) Augustine helped with the coloring and even made a couple of his own little valentines for "Dadda."

Gosh I love these two cutie pies!

I made Monkey Bread

for breakfast and it was a fabulous day that even included a 2 hr nap. Call me lame but I really enjoy my naps! Then a neighbor family watched Augustine while Jeremy and I went out for a fabulous "splurge" dinner out at Bucca de Beppos. It was a terrific day and I sure do LOVE to celebrate what gives me so much joy in my life!


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