"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Trip to Wisconsin

"Hug?" Says Augustine... to Aunt Sisa 

Augustine and I recently took a trip home to WI to visit my family and see my brand new baby nephew, Adam Michael! It was wonderful to be back home for a weekend!

 Augustine has a special obsession with Grandpa, "Chickies", "Outside" and "Kitty Cats" which happened to be a perfect combination. I wish I had gotten more pictures but instead I just tried to take in the moments and enjoy his excitement. Above Grandpa is getting him into his snow suit and boots to explore the outside. He also had a chance to taste cat food... ewe gross. Although, I have to admit I did it as a kid too.

Snuggle time with Grandpa...
watching videos of Augustine eating snow and playing with "cheddar" the cat.

Oh how I wish we were closer to home in WI... maybe... maybe, someday!

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  1. Who hasn't tried cat food as a child? It's part of the required eating list, dirt, paste, etc. Love the pictures!