"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Monday, March 5, 2012

A new stage...

I'm starting to stop calling Augustine a "baby" anymore since when I do he starts doing this "baby talk" stuff. He uses so many words now and even sentences that the obvious baby talk is his way of acting like a baby and it seems weird. As cute as he is... acting like a baby really just isn't that cute.

With Augustine's 2 yr birthday coming up in just a month he has been facing some new changes that are bringing him into a new stage.

First off:


Our last big road trip, for a while, is over and Augustine has only been using his paci otherwise for naps and bedtime. I was terrified to cut him off since it is such a great and innocent source of pleasure for him and I worried it would wreck his wonderful sleeping patterns. Every morning he would remind me that he was "Sleepy, two blankies, and P." As if I didn't know what he had been up to. I truly enjoy his habit of 2-3hr naps each day, how he never fights bedtime, and sleeps in until 9:30am sometimes and never gets up before 7am.

Well, we made the plunge... I felt ready, I thought. I had gotten Augustine his favorite stuffed creature ever - ELMO and thought it might be a nice swap for the paci. I did it on a night Jeremy was home (for moral support) and I was ready for the worst. I think it was a good lenten thing for me since I was dreading giving it up more than Augustine.

First night he cried for 30 min and woke up at 6:15am then next morning. Dread.

Naptime he cried for 10 min and slept for 20min. I'm ready to cry.

Second night Jeremy put him down without a tear shed for anyone! DEFINITE progress.

Naptime he cried for 15 min and Jeremy cuddled him and to sleep he went... Yeah for Daddys!

Third night I put him down and he didn't cry. He yelled out for "Mommy and Daddy" and that's it. We yelled (quietly), "Hurray for Mommy!"

Naptime... 3 1/2 HOUR NAP (Need I say more????)

And the rest is golden... This has been a wonderful transition.

I'm feeling so good about this transition that I actually may give potty training a try. Augustine has been excited about sitting on the potty lately and has been telling me, "poopy diaper" before he has one -- consistently. Which I feel is a good sign. Again, I feel like I've held back because I'm not sure I'm ready. Maybe this is more about Mommy's transitions and feeling the sense of loss for her baby Augustine than anything else. Yes, that sounds about right. I cringed when I bought his potty chair today and Augustine jumped for joy hugging his new "Sesame Street" character toilet seat.

So, you can be sure there will be an update on Potty Training soon. Very soon. Too soon?

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