"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If Deals were Drugs... I'd be high.

Is that title kind of racy? Am I going to get tagged by government spies for mentioning drugs? (That alone tells you what a naive goody two shoes I am!)  Only to disappoint the snoops with info on sausages and free juicy juice boxes??! Although if they saw my behavior last night they may question my sanity. More on that...

Ok, so I'M not one of those crazy "extreme couponers." While I love the show (if I had cable) I think the excess of it all is pretty crazy! I could only justify that excess if I was giving it away to the poor. Now that sounds appealing! With that disclaimer in mind I DO get a rush high when I get a good deal! It's pretty fun!

Tell me if this sounds weird. I drive up to a dark street at 7:30pm pull over in front of a house I've never been to before... get out and grab a white bag from the front porch and rush back to my car and speed away.

Totally normal, right?!

I swear the bag was only filled with unopened boxes of juicy juice and that they came from a safe reliable source... Even if I didn't really know the people well... Or... At all... All in the name of free juicy juice boxes! Hey, I tested them first before giving them to my kids. :-)

Then today I took a wonderful trip with my kids to target to get these for $.64 each pack! Yes, I'll take a high five!

Beyond that it was just an amazing day with my kids in the sunshine at the park. They give me the biggest high of all. Sometimes I crash pretty hard too but my kids really do fill me with an insane amount of joy!

I mean look at this sunshine (and by sunshine I do mean this face!!)

Receive the blessing from little Saint Becket

While all my kids were scrumptiously adorable today Becket got all the cute pictures. He does this little tongue waggle thing and I just want to eat him he is so cute. He is not the typical crawling baby on the go. He really loves to sit with me and hug me. His crawling comes in handy since I am on the move and he needs to follow me everywhere! I so treasure these days since I know they are fleeting.

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  1. Super cute!!!! What a lovely way to spend a fall day.