"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick Takes: Life at the speed of light

The days last forever and yet they go so fast...

I'll admit today was a day I wish I could have cherished and yet I just survived. But my kids are alive and so am I! :-)

Here are some quick takes from my week:


Augustine in the orange shirt

  • He made it to his second class for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and I think we might just make it through the who year! 
  • We are 5 weeks into school and he can count to 10 by 2s, sound out three letter words, and recognize over half the alphabet. 
  • His favorite letter is "T"
  • He can now spell write (from memory) his own name, AUGUSTI (still working on the NE, he says "N" is too hard)
  • I absolutely love his big brother sing songy voice he gives Gianna... My favorite quote lately is, "Gianna, Mommy gave me the good news! You get to sleep in my bed!" (Gianna let's out a screetching "NNNNAAAAAOOOOO!") Augustine replies in a sweet sing songy voice, "Well to bad, you get to."

  • I wish I had more time to cuddle you Augustine. But I know you adore your siblings and Gianna is most certainly your best friend.

  • She holds a pencil perfectly and is just the sweetest thing. That being said she is going through a bit of a screaming rough patch and my ear drums are ringing from it.
  • You and Becket go shopping with me while Augustine is at Good Shepherd and you are such a sweet helper! "I put it in gently Mamma?" "What can I help with next? I be gentle." I love this time with you!
  • Potty training is a major up and down journey with her. Yesterday in church she started pulling off her pants and diaper because she had to go "pee really bad!!"... off she scuttled while I attempted to chase after her WHILE nursing. Did I mention this was in church? By myself?
  • Gianna, You really are so perfectly sweet and adorable. So feminine. And yet you are strong, so strong. I love you smiley girl. You drive me crazy!

  • Speaking of rough patches. Oh, my dear Becket is going through the worst teething rough patch. He is cutting his top two teeth at 8months. Bottom two came in at 6months. I know this is awful to say, but with his army crawl and sobbing screams searching for me the second I am not near him in sight, he looks like he should be in some haunted house. I come out of the bath room and he is pulling himself by the arms three rooms down crying and pursuing/searching. It is SO pathetic and heart breaking. I am so exhausted at the end of each day. 

  • You cry almost constantly and yet... I absolutely ADORE you! I just wish I didn't have to clean and cook and I could just hold you. You are SO sweet! I just look at you and I want more babies because you are so wonderful and precious!
  • You are eating bone broth with baby cereal, pumpkin, carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, and apple sauce (all pureed). But you still prefer nursing and will not take a bottle. I love that you prefer me! You are my first baby to nurse (exclusively) this long!
  • Your eczema is still a problem and I am keeping your food intake dairy and gluten free. 

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