"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Answer to Prayer

My previous post was about trust. It was written in a moment of struggle. And now I have to write this post...

The day after my last post God blessed us in a special way! Attendance has been very low at the performances this summer and after sell out shows it's been a pretty rough transition. Summer is my favorite time of year but the worst in terms of work. It is literally day to day survival. When there are only 5 people in the audience on a given night I can only say, "ok, God we are showing up, we hope you are here with us."

Well Saturday night I went to mass and prayed, surrendered, and trusted. As it turns out that night we had our largest crowd, 20 people! Besides that, the Holy Spirit moved a number of people to donate a pretty large sum of money - YES! We will make it through June! Praise God! I knew He would provide and was so grateful for His Divine providence this day! I have to share this because it is so good for me to remember and remind myself how God answers prayers. Praying really does work! I know it does, duh, but even as a cradle Catholic I need those reminders in a tangible way, thank you God!

Growing up my parents were living on a really really tight budget. I am not exaggerating when I say that my mom kept old bread drying in the oven and we ate it for snacks as kids. (She can't remember that but let me tell you I would remember that!) Or there was that time my mom got a bunch of free baby cereal and all us kids had to eat it. GROSSS!!! Now, that is frugal people. Anyway, my parents kept a book of answered prayers so they would remember God's goodness down the road. The stories they have are really amazing and it's a beautiful testimony to their faith and God's providence and the power of prayer. I too kept a journal as a child and not a single one of my prayers went un-answered. It is so neat to look back at.

In a way I am happy to follow in my parents footsteps and live a life dependent on God's provision. I am also happy God has not seen fit to bless us with gallons of free baby cereal, but if he does, I'll find a way to share the blessing! ;-)

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  1. SARAH - I hope my recent Caribou Coffee note helps you go out and celebrate God's goodness & providence! Love and hugs, you are an inspiration,
    Sarah L.