"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leave a Legacy...

On Saturday, in between performances, we spent some time together checking out our neighbors "Estate Sale." I had never been to an Estate Sale before, and while I found it interesting I also felt like I was intruding. I know our stuff is not a part of us and it certainly doesn't go with us when we die, that was made glaringly obvious as I walked among the mounds of stuff left behind by the deceased man, but I still felt like I was dishonoring this man by scrounging through his stuff. I saw a handcrafted wooden baby cradle and it made me sad. I thought about the baby that may have laid in this cradle or even died in this cradle. I saw personal pictures and collectible items from far away countries with stories untold. And yet this stuff is nothing when this man died. His stuff was just thrown out in the yard and organized by price. It gave me a lonely feeling. It also made me think more about my own stuff and how I'd rather toss it now than later have it be left in piles of meaningless trash for strangers to meander through and comment on. It makes me think of what things I really do want to leave behind. Writings, photos and journals of my life and my family. 

So this Blog is my writings and below are some adorable pictures of our stroll to the local fast food joint for a little picnic in the grass, strawberry lemon ices and Augustine's first try at drinking out of straw.

               'I got it mom. I'm good. I'll do it myself.'

Augustine was not very happy when I took his straw away in my fear he would lose an eye. 

"But I love you!" (He is so darn cute when he cries!)

And OFF...                                                              We Gooooooooo....

 Love today like it is your last and you will treasure life and not things.

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