"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ballroom Dancing

So a quick update on what's coming up next week...

If I get enough people registered for this session of Ballroom Dance Classes (they start Monday) I will begin my first lessons! More info here.

Each summer I try to save my Wednesday evenings for my small TV Addiction of So You Think You Can Dance. It's great and the dancing is amazing! I actually auditioned for the show and made it to the big stage audition for Mary Murphy and Nigel. That story is for another post though. Anyway, SYTYCD is kind of my dance outlet and Jeremy even gets into it. I didn't know he knew how to "crump" until we started watching the show together. Not to mention he had ballet dance moves up his sleeve that would make a cranky depressed person laugh until they cried, I mean clap until they cried. Something like that. Dancing is an amazing way of expressing yourself, it's great exercise, its a fun thing to do for an interactive date night, and its also a fun way to meet other people with a similar interest. So if that doesn't inspire you to get your "dance on" I don't know what would! I hope if you are reading this... and you live nearby... that you sign up for some rockin' dance classes with your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, son, or friend. It will be a BALL! Check it out here and then give me a call or e-mail and let me know you'll be registering.

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