"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Children's Museum with a Toddler

Last time I had been to the Children's Museum with Augustine he was only crawling, which was a while ago. I got a couple free passes to go this week and couldn't wait to see him explore! Normally I ask a friend with kids to come too but I wanted to just have some me and Augustine time.

It was a blast watching him take in the different exhibits with a new ability to explore and discover as well as toddle (or run) from one thing to the next in glee.

His favorite spot was Water Works. He loves water so this was a no brainer...

My favorite part was watching him in that adorable apron.

Can't get enough!!

He put the ball in one tube hole to have it come out another hole...
but which one, which hole would it come out of?? Oh, the endless joy!

Then we shopped for a while, he must have a knack (like his mother) for picking out the shopping cart with the broken wheels, but that didn't bother him he pushed with all his stubborn might. (Again, taking after me.) And sampled the pears, despite their plastic taste. A pear is ... a pear?

I can't wait to go to The Children's Museum again for more fun!! Also, if anyone out there has a Macy's card you can get in at The Children's Museum for free for a limited time AND receive a coupon for a free cone at Macy's (right down the block).

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