"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top Five -- He did what??

I think this will be a new category for me regarding Augustine's saying and doings.

Since this blog is doubling as a sort of Baby Book/Journal here's the latest...

  1. When Augustine was asked if he wanted to take daddy's acting classes when he's bigger. He hid his face in shyness. When I then asked him if he wanted to take mommy's dance classes. He started dancing and smiling. Yes, a dancer!
  2. Today after he spent an hour with a friend of mine and her 13 month old daughter, Anna, he kept leaning over to kiss her head gently. He did it about 5 times. So sweet!
  3. When I ask Augustine where Mommy's baby is. He responds by quickly pointing to himself.
  4. He will say "please", when I remind him to do so, for most things.
  5. He can stack 5 blocks on top of each other and then cheerfully waits for his proud mommy and daddy's applause which he of course gets.

Living in this moment!

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