"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prayer Works!

I don't know why I always forget that! I am so thankful that God keeps giving me chances when I don't deserve it.

In the past couple months God has answered my prayers in WHAM, *nudge*, "Just ask, try me, I can do little stuff too!"

Here are a few example:

WHAM - Praying for months for a Christmas Miracle of a $10,000 donation for Epiphany/Open Window. I kept praying in total faith while battling doubts. I called someone back about tickets for our Christmas show and WHAM! This person (who wants to remain anonymous) said, God has blessed us we want to bless you! $10,000.00 - WHAM!! I almost could have passed out and I know I cried. It was like I actually saw God handing me $10,000.00... AMAZING! Did I mention prayer works??

*nudge* - It's when God elbowed me one night as I said my prayers with Augustine the night of the huge donation after I spoke the familiar words I had started to say, "God bless our finances." I cried again remembering God's faithful answer to our prayers. Augustine whispered his sweet, "Amen" as I wiped away  a tear. Out of the mouths of babes! "Where two or more are gathered in My name, there am I in their midst."

"Just ask, try me, I can do little stuff too!" - God says this to me a lot, but here is my most recent answer. I was in adoration and I knew I should pray that my MIL could get better sleep. She was taking Augustine for the night so I could work at the theatre and she had a cold and has a lot of pain that keeps her from sleeping. I don't know why I didn't take her sleep to prayer immediately but I just felt like it was something she suffers with and was not feeling hopeful... Silly, I know, but I felt God nudging me... like "try Me." So, I did. The next day I asked her how she slept... she said, "Actually I slept the best I have in a while!" Why did I feel surprised?  Oh, I have so little faith. Did I mention PRAYER WORKS!

Needless to say, I've been taking my prayers more seriously lately. I still have been praying that God bless our finances with Augustine each night and he says "amen". Lo and behold, we were able to switch Jeremy to my health insurance saving us $300 dollars per month!!!! Then Jeremy told me we haven't been using the deductions we should be as a married couple with kids and we will now be paying in $400 LESS in taxes EACH month!! I don't need a calculator to tell me that is an extra $700 per month we are saving!!! This savings allows us to talk more seriously about me stepping back from work and focusing more on my true passion - being a mother! I will always be helping with our theatre work but, as I'm able. Allowing for more help to Jeremy with some new help... as God provides! :-)

Anyway... I share this all because... Prayer works and we need reminders! Thank you God, for your reminders and awesome blessings!

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