"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Evening Hours...

I am coming off of a couple of pretty incredible weeks with my little family. Jeremy had less pressing work than normal (theoretically) and so we have been able to spend some really great family time together. A great start to the new year since my New Year's prayers have been to focus life on: Family, Prayer, and Organization/Cleanliness. I have been going to adoration once per week and we've been going to mass as a family on Fridays and Sundays. So far GREAT! My cleaning schedule and attempts at organization have also been going pretty well actually. We decided on some new organization techniques for the family including a new "hide-a desk" for me in the living room instead of my use of our "bar table and chairs" which gets cluttered. I am also making great progress on getting Augustine's room ready. I've been going back and forth over room designs this was my top design for the small room...

 but finally decided on one that will go better with the beautiful quilt my "adopted grandmother" made for us.

I'll post pictures of my final product soon as I bargain for a bed, dresser, and so forth on Craig's List! Isn't it cute though? I'm actually probably just doing the blue color with accent colors... and less feminine -- you will see! I have the paint and tools and room ready so, now for some coffee and a late night and that room will be well on its way!

So, that's my New Years update but now I need some ideas...

Most wives look forward to that 4pm/5pm when their husbands come home and wrestle with the kiddos and make the day complete. Well, that's when Jeremy heads out to the Theatre after a full day of work. Ug. That 4pm-8pm is so boring and tedious. Augustine usually hits his - "I'm bored entertain me mode" after trying to play all day. Right then is when I hit my, "I'm bored, (and tired) entertain me mode" after working, cleaning, entertaining, cooking, throughout the day. However, nothing is going on during those hours that we can go do... nor do I have the energy to go do them. I need ideas. Is that the time of day when I should drink coffee and DO SOMETHING productive or fun with Augustine? If so... what? What should I do? I am on a mission. I'm really looking forward to the newness and busyness having Gianna will add to these long evening hours. (As odd as that may sound. I just feel like boredom is a huge enemy and forced busyness - baby- toddler- helps get me out of that slump a bit.) I just feel like Augustine is not quite old enough for "projects" yet and he often is extra whinny during that time.

I'm no super woman, nor do I pretend to be. I know this is a weak and wasted part of my day and I really need to change that around. I also would LOVE any suggestions people may have.

Until next time.

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