"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

16 Month COLORS!

Here are Augustine's 16 month milestones in FULL COLOR!

RED - At 16 months he got Roseola (high fever followed by a red rash) and started breaking in a molar on his lower right hand side of his red swollen gums. Needless to say that made for almost a week of tedious time with my fussy toddler and also lots of cuddle time which I LOVE! Red is also the color of the fresh cherry tomatoes I am growing which Augustine tried for the first time. His eyes got big and bright when he  he bit down and the juice squirted into his mouth.

BLUE - berries and strawberries was all he ate for days. This gave me the blues having to change all those messy diapers.

Green - bucks was what I paid for Augustine to finally get his 12 month shots and his 15 month well baby visit. He is in the 97 percentile in height and the nurse said he seemed "so tall and well proportioned". He also has not gained a lot of weight and is in the 75 percentile for weight which was partially due to him being sick the previous few days. He is super healthy and took his shots like a real champ no squirming and minimal crying.

White -Iis the color of "Baby Beluga" which is also the name of his favorite book and song which he started singing in the last few days. He kind of has the melody and sings, "Bayyyyeee eee Uugaaa."

Pale Peach - Is the color of his precious little hand that smacks against his lips and then extends out with a "Mmmuuuaaaaa!" as he blows me a kiss.

Brown - are the dishes I leave dirty in the sink while I go smother my adorable toddler in kisses and cuddles and and then send him off to "go get me a book to read." He eagerly does.

Pink - Is the color of my antibacterial gel that I put on after after diaper changes. Augustine is now in the habit of mimicking me by also rubbing his hands together when and as I do.

Gray - Is the color of our stove window that Augustine touches (while mommy has meatloaf baking) with his little pointer finger and cautiously proclaims, "hot." Repeat. Touch. "hot" Touch. "hot"

Yellow - has been the sun shining on these wonderful warm summer days and on my beaming heart as I fall every day more in love with my bundle of joy!

May JOY COLOR your day today!

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