"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suckers and Brooms


I walked my antsy toddler to the post office today. (He does not like strollers anymore, too confining.) The post office is only a block or two away from our house so we often make it a daily event to walk down to mail packages for work or check our work's PO Box. By the time we got there Augustine was losing it and I was relieved the line to mail my one package was short. The employees at our post office are notorious for going as slooooowwwwllllyyy as possible even when there are 15 people in line. They could care less. Well before I had even moved in line at all there were about 10 people waiting behind me. With a more than impatient squirming toddler I must have lost my sanity when I reached the counter.

"S-U-C-K-E-R", spells the lady at the counter. I gave her a bewildered look as I double check the name on the package. No it does not spell out as S-U-C-K-E-R.

'Huh?' I say.

With the same expression she spells, "S U C K E R" about three more times. I continue to look bewildered, 'why is this lady spelling something to me?' (Give me some slack, I was distracted trying to pay while holding a gyrating slinky. After a pause she says in a monotone voice as Augustine is leaping out of my arms. "Can he have one?" A ways down the counter I notice a bucket of S-U-C-K-E-R-S. As I said I must have been delusional at this point because I snagged my favorite flavor and gave it to Augustine.

He loved me for it and even let me lick it on the way home. Yes, I gave my 17 month old candy. C-A- N-D-Y. In my mind this story is comical and memorable. Not only because the lady at the post office thinks I can't spell, SUCKER, but because its the little moments in my day that sometimes trump the bigger things.

The hilarity of a moment.

The moment.

Another moment... Tonight. Tonight I attempted to sweep the floor with Augustine underfoot. He usually watches very carefully when I sweep and mostly stays out of my dirt pile, but tonight he wanted to help. I battled the urge to pull the broom away and let him cry while I swept things up quickly. The floor was a mess. I'll sweep quick and then read him some books or play toys with him. But...I just couldn't deny his little helping hands holding the broom handle so tightly wanting to help mommy. So we pushed the broom around the floor doing nothing, in terms of cleaning, but making more of a mess than before. It was precious. He was being such a "good helper". Doing it just like mommy, with mommy. You could tell he really was trying hard to do it right. For about 30 or so minutes he went around the house sweeping every part of our home, often tripping over the long handle and leaving dust bunnys on the carpet.

Its moments like these that make me feel so lucky. So blessed to be right where I am. We actually have some fun exciting news at the Stanbary home including a new job, trip to California, and more... but its these moments that really fill my heart. Maybe its the actor in me or the sentimental romantic in me but I hope its God's grace in me because life is just so beautiful.

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