"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Uh oh!" - Word of the day

Ok so Augustine is adding new things and words to his rep everyday!

Today the word is, "Uh, Oh Uh, Oh" He was pushing his high chair around the kitchen and it got stuck on something and he kept saying, "Uh Oh." SO cute!

In the morning I go in his room and he says, "Up, Up." In a breathy whisper. I don't know why but he seems to always say "Up" in a whisper, maybe it's the U vowel.

Then he picks up his blankie and paci (that are usually on the floor) and on instruction he throws each of them separately into his crib. He usually clings to these items so I think its so cute he enjoys throwing them into the crib. He started this habit because he saw me always do it before we left the room.

I always reward this good behavior with a hearty, "High Five!" He is happy to slap at my hand in "High Five".

Then as we pass by the Master Bedroom he says, "Ssssss" and points. He got this from me because I always pointed and said, "Daddy's Sleeping". He has now taken over the observation.

We get some breakfast and he is starting to say, "Baa" for Banana and "Wa" for Water and "Ckk Ckkk" for Cracker.

He said "Up" this morning when he was done and wanted out. That was a first.

Here are some other words he is saying and things he is doing:

  • He loves Holy Water at church and he dips his fingers in the water and touches his forehead and chest. He doesn't have the shoulder to shoulder thing down yet, but he loves blessing himself. Probably the only thing he likes about mass right now.
  • The other day we were reading a book and he started mimicking my elephant noise and action. If only I could make a better elephant noise. Its a tricky one.
  • "Baby" He mostly learned this word from hearing "Baby Beluga" sung so often but he also really LOVES little babies. They fascinate him.
  • "Hi" He says this word sometimes at the appropriate times but not with strangers.
  • He blows kisses and shakes hands, and yes, even with strange little boys at the zoo or new little girls at the park.
These are just a few fun things he does and says... more to come he does a new thing every couple days. What a delightful stage!

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