"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I finally down loaded pictures from my camera from our trip to Arizona which included some great pictures of a hike we took in the desert. It was a family work trip and was a also a great little vacation. Jeremy and I love Phoenix/Scottsdale and we often joke (and even not joke) about how nice it would be to live there.

We love the rock formations-

Am I willing to give up what I have in order to be what I am not yet?
Am I able to follow the spirit of love into the desert?
It is a frightening and sacred moment. There is no return.
One's life is charged forever. It is the fire that gives us our shape.
Mary Richards


pools and orange trees on every block -

weather -

and the diocese and Bishop there.

This is our second trip there for performances and each trip now holds some vivid memories. The first trip I was 8 months pregnant with Augustine and in a lot of pain, wondering what it would be like to meet our little son! I even had an emergency visit to the ER due to extreme lower back pain. Early labor? In Phoenix???

Thankfully, no, but it was an adventure all the same.

On our last trip this past January the weather was perfect and sitting under orange trees in the golden sun is exactly the kind of warm memories I want to think about during this cold and snowy March.

*I am not going to reflect on our trip home which involved us all getting stomach flu with an infant throwing up all night long and me needing an emergency fluid IV on THE FLIGHT!!! Memorable quotes included...'Is there a Doctor on the plane??' 'I can hardly feel her pulse!' 'The pilot can make an emergency stop in Denver. He has already called it in if we need it.' I may enjoy SOME drama, but not THAT kind of drama. All in the day of an actor. There does seem to be drama on all corners of our life. Whether I like it or not. Speaking of WEATHER... moving on...*


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