"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Motherhood: the occupational hazards - Part I

Warning: this is not graphic but may not be for the faint of heart.

Yes, it's true and every mother knows it. There are occupational hazards to being a mother.

For my first example... let me set the scene...

It's a cold winter day somewhere lost in between January and February. A little precious creature whom you dearly call yours with the face of an angel gets the whines... then the sniffles... then yes, you guessed it. A COLD.

Well, the true hazard is the sneeze. How could such a volcano flow from such a little person?? If you are really lucky you have a tissue waiting in your hand. If you are really un-lucky, which seems to be me when it comes to this subject, the closest tissue is a mile away or somehow buried deep in my purse or pocket - which might as well be a mile away! I desperately search for a tissue, remembering my magician assistant days, and hoping somehow a tissue will not only appear but come dancing to me. (Yes, I really was a magician's assistant. And, yes, he really did have a dancing tissue trick.) Meanwhile, my little one figures out what to do. Oh, yes, they are so resourceful. A mother wears pants, shirt, and socks these are perfect replacements for above mentioned tissue. Other replacements include couch, chair, carpet, and of course remote control.

Hey, just keeping it real! :-)

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  1. I call my brother-in-law "Daddy napkin", because all his little girls like to wipe their noses, mouths, etc all over his shirt. Especially when they have something super sticky or gross on them and guaranteed when he just put on a clean shirt. I laughed so hard to read this post!