"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Playing the drum with Aunt Lisa

The video below is of Augustine at 11 months dancing to his music. He spends hours each day sitting below the CD player eager to clap for the next song to play. Sometimes he takes a break from clapping, dancing and swaying his arms to the music to pull out all the DVDs on the shelf below. Occasionally I think, "why doesn't he play with his toys? Is he missing out on learning when he sits listening to music?" After these thoughts I just shrug my shoulders and think maybe he will be slow to say his first word but will be a music or dancing genius!! We parents spend too much time comparing and worrying. Is my child developing properly? Are they behind?? Why isn't he saying MAMMA YET!!!!!! His world revolves around mamma (mamma Augustine - mamma!). He can say MMMMM he can say AAAaaaaa. He can clap on command. He licks his lips to indicate he is hungry or thirsty. ...and yet still no mamma. (Music Genius, Sarah. Music Genius!)

This only reminds me of when I longed for him to start to crawl. ...finally he did and it was pretty awesome. But even already I think, 'Hmmm I wish I hadn't rushed it or spent time hoping it.' Especially on days when he pulls out every DVD on our shelves. One day he will be saying "Mamma, MOMMA, MOMMA!!!! MAAAAAMMMMMMMAAA mamamamamamamamammaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!" ....and I will remember this moment and think of those sweet days when he just sat clapping and swaying to his music.

Today I pledge to be in the moment. To be in the present, and enjoy it! :-)


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