"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Worm

As a first time mom I read the blogs, the websites, the books, and the magazines. I kept reading over and over... read to your baby... in the womb... while nursing... while sleeping....etc. etc... As the ambitious, and yet a bit unsure, first time mother, desperate to give my baby the best start ever, I tried the book thing. Studies show reading to babies increases their love for books, for their lifetime! Because they connect reading with a cozy happy feeling. And loving to read is generally recognized with reading more and powerful brain development and creativity. Despite the encouragement in studies, I quickly grew discouraged. It only took a few story times with my wriggling newborn to realize he was just a little to little and I would rather just snuggle with him than try to get him to look at a book and hear me read. Boy am I glad I didn't push it, how silly! When he got a little older and more attentive I did begin reading to him. ...and it naturally clicked!

Augustine would prefer a huge pile of books than mounds and mounds of toys. All day he flips through their pages and traces the pictures within. (Even now as I write this he is flipping through books.) He is always eager to have someone read him a book, especially if the book includes poems or things that can be sung.

I am so glad to see Augustine's passion for books, it mirrors my own passion. I so look forward to the day when I can read books to him that don't involve green eggs and ham or me having to cluck like a chicken, although for now - that's ok too!

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