"Raising Souls"

"Raising Souls"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catholics take over... McDonalds???

Yes, its true.

Last night Jeremy and I went to McDonald's to pick up a RedBox movie and once we were inside the McDonald's our noses were tantalized by the smells of hot french fries. So after choosing our movie... we decided to get their fish and fries deal.

I couldn't resist posting this picture with this post ... this is a picture of a Large Mouth Bass that I caught July '10. Biggest fish caught on the fishing trip. It was caught off the dock with a broken fishing pole. But, I digress...

"Give me that there fillet-o-fish, give me that there fish." Last year when I was pregnant in my 10th month of pregnancy, with Augustine, we sang that jingle all the time... even making bets about words we couldn't understand in the jingle. It's amazing the weird variety of good memories that we create. So, perhaps last night we created another weird fun memory. I say this because I was caught watching the workers frantically making sandwich after sandwich of FISH!! The manager was yelling "Keep the fish coming! Keep the fish coming!! We are 20 behind on Fish, keep em' coming!!" This McDonald's was packed and everyone was ordering fish. Oh, yeah, did I mention yet that this was a Friday?

It just kind of struck me... McDonald's employees were overwhelmed with what appeared to be a lot of Catholics fasting from meat on Friday. Now granted getting dinner at McD's, even if it is fish, is hardly a fast, it was still pretty cool to see. Many non-practicing Catholics still observe fasting from meat on Fridays in lent. I'm not 100% sure why.... maybe it's because it has turned into one of those 'weird/fond memories' from their childhood having fish sticks and fries on Fridays in lent. Maybe it's that one small thing that's still Catholic in them. It's kind of like going to mass twice a year at Christmas and Easter. However small it may be, I really do hope and pray that God will take their one small 'yes' and build upon it grace. I'm trying to be in balance and in the moment this lent and that flood of fish orders at McDs has inspired me with a new prayer. Lord, take advantage of all the very small 'yeses' that people make this lent. The sandy beach is not one big yes but rather millions and billions of tiny small grains of yeses, each one counts towards the whole.

Below is a fun video we captured of Augustine, after our yummy fish dinner, laughing his heart out and "being all boy" as Jeremy says.

Make the most of today - even that trip to McDonald's!             

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